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Thread: What are your thoughts on marriage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starry-night View Post
    I think marriage is nice if that's what the couple want to do, I have nothing against marriage.

    I don't see the point of it myself though. I mean, if you love each other then what's the need to have a big flashy ceremony in front of hundreds of "close" friends and family just to prove it? I'd hate to have a traditional wedding, it seems so wasteful and showy.

    I would only get married for practical reasons. In Ireland non married families are seen less equal in terms of family law so I'd do it to protect myself, partner and children. Small ceremony in a registry office, no religious ceremonies (I'm aetheist) with a few people I actually care about. Maybe a meal afterwards. No fancy dress, no fuss! It's not needed. Save the money I would have wasted on a big wedding and put it towards something good like a deposit for a house.

    Yeah, that's pretty much my opinion on the subject
    I agree with you - we're going to have a small ceremony in a registry office then a party afterwards with all our friends and family who want to come. There will be a bar, a buffet, and a ceilidh band. It's going to be FUN
    Bollocks to meringue dresses and faff and politics.

    Planning and saving starts seriously in the new year. Erghhhh. :/
    what's a few seconds of pain for a lifetime of shiny?

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    Time isnt nearly as important as readiness

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