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Thread: nipple piercings healing.

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    Default nipple piercings healing.

    Hi all.
    just came across the site,,looks good, some interesting things.
    I was wondering if someone could help me,,,, i had both nipples pierced about 3 years ago, and i don't quite think that their healed yet,,,,,a long time!!!
    whats happening to make me think this is (gory stuff),,,, crusts forming at the holes and the rings are stuck, but when soaked they will turn, but get a kind of discharge come out of the holes,,,also i get whats best discribed as a zit type spot near the holes now and again, which last for a couple of days then bursts??

    One ring is titanium and the other is plasma gold..
    after 3 years now i thought they might have settled down,,, also they are not migrating or growing out,,,,,, would anyone know what might be causing this to happen or anyways to help them heal??

    By the way i'm male,,don't know if that makes any difference to how nipples work..


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    Welcome hermann. To me it sounds like there is a deep infection wear the puss sac is well down in the nipple. you need to salt bath then. and see your GP and tell him how long its been like that. He/she may just give you some cream to put on but in some casers tables are needed to work from inside out. One of my friend had this when i was doing my nusing and he didn't take my word to go and see his GP and 3 months later he was on a trolley in A&E. It truned out this was MSRA the flesh eating infection. but after very strong creams and tables and three hourly cleaning he is ok but very bad scared. so please do something.

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    Chances are it's a result of your jewellery and aftercare.
    If it is infection there will be a very yellow/greeny discharge which smells and the area will be hot to touch. From what you have said it just sounds like lymph
    The diameter of the rings you are wearing may be too small or too large and are thus applying pressure to the entry and exit wounds of the piercing. I would recommened hanging the rings for titanium barbells and go back to doing your aftercare.
    Mix up 1/4 of a teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) in a mug of boiled water, wait until it's cooled down so it's still hot but not uncomfortable and hold it over each piercing for 5/10 minutes morning and night. Also try to make sure when you shower that you don't get lots of shower gel or shampoo in them - don't clean them with it either obviously.

    Hope you have a bit more luck. If you're worried then take a trip to your GP like biweighton said and ask for some antibiotics Whatever you do, don't remove the jewellery if it is infected as you could trap it internally.
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    Many thanks for your answers,, i don't think it is an infection been like it for too long now, plus i've been on antibiotics a few times since having them done,,,,i guess its my body not liking being pierced.
    I've just ordered up a couple of barbells and will give them a try,,might be better with a straight bar going through instead of a curved one,,,,,fingers crossed!!!

    many thanks.....

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    Another thing to consider would be going for PTFE for a while. You can get it on this site, and it can really work wonders. Just an idea
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