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Thread: Kids v No Kids

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    see what i meen even the internet isnt safe in our day and age against these youths
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    I never used to care too much, until I doctor told me getting pregnant in the future could be an issue.

    Now I cant wait until I have kids! I got attached to my electronic baby so much I cried when I had to give her back. I cant imagine living my life without children and cant wait to be a mum
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    Not remotely interested to be honest. Sounds harsh but, I've got my life to focus on, and I don't want anyone to carry on my name, take care of me when I'm older, see grow up etc, anything like that.

    The problem is, I'm too....I know what I like, I know what I wanna do, and I know how I want my life to go, and so far everything seems to be going the way I'm planning, so for that to be thrown out of the window for a sprog? Na, not for me.

    This would likely be more of an issue if I could get a girl for the life of me, however seen as though the opposite sex treat me like a leper, I think I'm safe from any "accidents" which would change this

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    I never wanted kids but fate decided otherwise, even with taking full precautions (a split condom and two yes two morning after pills) i have a 12 yr old son and now my wife who was on the pill is expecting my second in December!! I would nt change things though, kids remove a lot of options in your life but they also make you view yourself and the world in a very different light so swings and roundabouts really.
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    I'm undecided and in no rush to make any decisions as my feelings could change but I know for the moment I wouldn't want kids, I'm only 20 years old and definitely don't feel ready for a baby, and am 100% sure that I would have an abortion if I was to fall pregnant.

    But who knows what the future holds? I probably will have a baby eventually (once I get over the whole 'what do I do with this thing??' fear of babies) but the thought scares the crap out of me.

    For quite a few years to come I will be more, if not completely, satisfied with just having cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by .Only.Streetlights. View Post
    I don't dislike children. I will never have my own children. I don't believe that with the world the way it is now that it's fair to bring a child into it. Personally I think the human race is going to face a huge shift, and very testing times that will either wipe us out or alter our way of living distractly in my life time; and I would consider myself very selfish to bring a child into that.
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    Depends, really. At times I don't mind kids, at times I hate them so much. The hate tends to be when I'm thinking of kittens, they make me so mad.
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    Me and my friend had an argument about kids when we out to dinner one night, not so much over whether we wanted them or not but what we'd do if we fell pregnant now (us being 20/21 and being in the middle of a degree).

    She was determined that if she did she'd have an abortion whereas I said I'd keep it and so it went on with her saying that I was anti-abortion and that I'd look down on anyone who had one etc etc. This isn't true, I just meant that I personally wouldn't have one no matter if I got pregnant now and I wouldn't disapprove of anyone having one because it is their decision (besides that one of our friends had had one in the previous year and I'd been the only one she'd confided in about it).

    She also said that if I decided to keep it now I could never provide it financially and what life would it have, plus it'd completely cock up my degree. True, I said, but it didn't mean I'd love it any less and I'd try my hardest for it, that my parents hadn't had a lot of money and me and my sister had turned out ok and degrees can be put on hold etc etc.

    This all said a near miss earlier this year did make me re-evaluate what I'd previously thought.

    I've always wanted kids, whether they come earlier or later. I just hope I can have them in the future.
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only person not interested in having children. I thought I was alone til I read this here.

    Quote Originally Posted by .Only.Streetlights. View Post
    Also, I want to experience my own life without the tie of children in it. I wish to travel, and live in uninhibited for as long as I possibly can. People will tell me that I can do that with kids in my life I'm sure, but I just don't agree.

    I suppose my final reason is just simply that I do not want to be a mother. The concept and idea of being pregnant repulses me. The idea of raising a child is not in the least attractive to me. I would consider it a massive hinderance and burden on my life, so I am NOT someone who should have children.

    I agree with Caz. I do not feel at all maternal. When I try and think about having my own child, I just can't see it. It doesn't interest me at all. I can't say why, because I don't know. I just have no feelings towards being a mother.

    Pets however, I want LOTS of! Fluffy kitties and doggies and ferrets and monkeys I would love to have lots of!
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