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Thread: Kids v No Kids

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    I defintely want children. I alwayyys have
    When I was younger, I LOVED playing with dolls haha. I'd treat them like actual babies.
    But I don't want any children until I have a place of my own and secure with money etc

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    Wise choice... kids are a ton of work and steal all your energy. I love my son, but I miss my life...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cherryd69 View Post
    the heart starts to beat at pretty early on somthing like 5 weeks, so even at that stage ur killing a child then?

    its not classified as a foetus until 12-13 weeks. So apparently up until 12-13 week mark, u arnt actualy killing a child.

    tbh, i dont disagree with aborting, theres exceptions...... rape ect i understand why ppl have abortions.

    to terminate it because his condom split, or the pill didnt work... imo is wrong. im sorry but it is, we all know these things can happen, so why arnt we useing double protection? if u use a condom, make sure shes on the pill or is gettin the injection or what ever. Dont think that just because ur usein one ur safe.... cause ur not!

    if you can lie on ur back and do whats needed to create, then u can give birth an deal with it.
    I think if you're doing anything to avoid it and it still happens, it's not wrong at all.
    Some people just think they're safe doing only one..I personally think it's too risky myself, hence why I'm on the pill and still use condoms.
    But people shouldn't be considered irresponsible cause a condom broke.
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    im unsure of my views on abortion i think its wrong to kill something so innocent but right now if i were to fall pregnant id abort it because i cant afford a child and i dont want to live of benefits , i want to complete my degree get a job and then if i fell pregnant i think id have different views on abortion . Ive never really liked children i get scared if theres a baby in the room and i get told to hold it or anything like that so im not the natural mothering type, i had to have my 8 week old cousin stay in my room once and her cries during the night didnt even wake me up ! i have the implant and i take the pill on top of htat (long story) so i think im covered.

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    Dawn, do you think that a couple who would neglect or abuse their child, due to never really wanting it, should still go ahead raise it after the condom splits? As far as i'm concerned, i have sex for me, and whilst i understand it is mine and my partner's responsibility to protect against unwanted pregnancy, i don't feel it is our responsibility to allow an accident to inflict itself upon us for the rest of our lives.

    I'm in agreement with caz about the state of the world. I honestly would prefer the human race seized to reproduce, die out, and let this world begin recovery from our actions.

    Also, i have spent most of my life feeling pretty miserable, for no good reason. I've had an amazing upbringing with a wonderful family etc, yet being alive just doesn't particularly matter to me. So i wouldn't want to risk bringing someone into the world who thinks and feels anything like me.
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    At the moment, definitely not, having discussed this with my girlfriend, we'd go for the abortion, I wouldn't really consider the adoption route, growing up not knowing who your real parents are isn't a cool feeling at all, I could never pass that on, just as I could never justify giving a sh*t childhood to a kid.

    If and when I'm in an appropriate state (financial, maturity, satisfied I've had enough fun in my life to spend the next x years not doing the stuff I'm used to.) then I'd definately consider it, if circumstances came to it I'd even adopt, sounds sort of contradictory to what I just said but it's different.

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    aslo what bout people who cant use both forms of contraceptive, like me? So far every variety of the PIll that ive tried does not agree with me and im sick of making myself ill trying to find one. Condoms work fine but should it spilt and the unthinkable happens, ill be getting an abortion.
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    at the moment i dont want children just yet, althiough im nearly 20, and alot of my friends younger than me have a child or more than one child i dont feel like i could handle being a mother just yet. id rather be a steady relationship and have enough money to be able to give my child a good life and feed myself too, if however something did happen and i was pregent when i wasnt ready, i wouldnt abort but id definatly struggle

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    I would get an abortion, 100%. Mainly due to selfishness if I'm honest, if I had a baby now it would ruin my life, mess up my education, mess up my parents' lives (they wouldn't just drop me, I know I'd end up depending on them massively), isolate me from people.. I would generally be a messed up kid and there is NO WAY I would let that happen due to something as simple as a condom split. On top of that, I know I would not be able to bring up a baby in the way it would need to be at 16, it wouldn't be fair on the child.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadfulFaeryFalls View Post
    aslo what bout people who cant use both forms of contraceptive, like me? So far every variety of the PIll that ive tried does not agree with me and im sick of making myself ill trying to find one. Condoms work fine but should it spilt and the unthinkable happens, ill be getting an abortion.

    have you tried the injection?? implanon? IUD? im sure not every single kind of birth control disagrees with you.
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