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Thread: Naval piercing.

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    Post Naval piercing.

    I thought I'd post about this, seeing as it was the first time I ever had a piercing outwith the ear region.
    I have no pictures of what it was like, unfortunately, so I'll describe as best as I can.

    I had it done about half a year ago, roughly.

    Being the first 'body piercing', as such, that I've ever gotten I was generally nervous about getting it done. It didn't turn out so bad though; I mean, I thought it was going to hurt much more than it did. The piercer gave me the option of either a ball closure ring or a bananabell. Being worried about snagging, I opted for the latter.

    The first week or so, I cleaned it with saline solution morning and night carefully. Everything at that point seemed to be going fine.
    However, at about the week mark, things started to get uncomfortable.

    At first, I passed it off as just being the pain associated with a new piercing, however when swelling started to appear I did start to question whether a new piercing should do that. Obviously not.

    I should have gone back right then and there, but being the idiot that I am, convinced myself that the swelling would subside if I continued to clean it properly, which I had already been doing.

    The swelling did get worse, and was in fact, due to the simple tasks of sitting down and standing back down, which had aggravated the piercing (or that's what I was told by the piercer, anyway). As it started to swell, the bar, of course restricted the skin's movement, which in effect made the skin swell even more.

    This resulted in the top ball of the bananabar becoming slightly 'embedded' in the skin, which wasn't at all pleasant. The swelling was a good... 2cm or so radius around my piercing. So I had to go back to the parlour where I got it done, obviously.

    Ironically, at this point I discovered that one of my friends, who got a tragus piercing at the same place experienced similar problems. (However, he also admitted to using tons of salt in his solution, so it was probably self inflicted. Idiot!)

    But anyway, I had to get my naval piercing drained, which wasn't at all pleasant. The piercer put a longer bioplast barbell in, and immediately I could feel the difference.

    That stayed in for a good long while; you could still see the raw skin where the ball had embedded itself into the skin, but the swelling started to go down almost immediately. After about a fortnight later, the swelling had completely receded, and only a red lump was visible where the ball had been on the first bar.

    Then, soon after that, about another week later, that lump had receded almost completely, leaving but a small scar where the embedded ball had been.

    Unfortunately I don't think that scar is going to go anywhere anytime soon, however with a bar in it's completely unnoticeable. I could get a picture of the final scar if anyone's interested, but again apologies for not taking photos of the infection at the time.

    I think the problems I've encountered with this one piercing has put me off getting any other body piercings, especially an eyebrow!

    Despite the trouble I've had with my naval piercing, however, I have not had any further troubles with it. I've heard that a naval piercing is terrible for being rejected by the skin, but so far mine's been fine and sits happily where it is.
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    yeah ive just had mine redone i love having my naval pierced but the thought of it rejecting scars me, it might just have been the bar was too small for the amount of skin that was pierced, hope everything goes well from now on with your naval good luck
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