Terror Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Pink Leopard

Terror Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Leopard

Terror Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Cat

Terror Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Red Devil

Terror Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Solid Whiteout

Go to the extreme with our Terror Eyes cosmetic contact lenses. Ideal for Halloween, birthday and Christmas gifts, fancy dress parties, practical jokes, clubbing or just fabulous nights out on the town.

Terror Eyes contact lenses are designed to completely cover your natural eye colour, allowing full effect of the design to stand out on anyone and everyone. The colours and patterns on our Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses do not interfere with your vision in any way.

The lens is soft textured and manufactured in Phema (Poly 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate). TerrorEyes are produced under ISO International Standards quality control and assurance and have a CE safety certification.

Terror Eyes cosmectic contact lenses are sold as singles (for one eye), allowing you to mix and match your own colours and designs without having to buy a pair (unless you want to). To purchase a pair, simply select 'pair' from the drop-down menu!

Coloured Contacts

Transform your look with fantastic range of Coloured Contact Lenses. Our coloured contact lenses come in a huge range of designs, from Natural Colour Contact Lenses to anime-style Big Eyes Contact Lenses and Halloween Contact Lenses. Each contact lens offers exceptional comfort and hydration, so you can switch up your look in comfort and style.