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Thread: Question about inverse navel and rings I can wear in it

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    Default Question about inverse navel and rings I can wear in it

    I got an inverse navel piercing about a month ago, and I was thinking I could wear a standard dangle belly button ring in it, instead of a top dangle. Anyway, I put one in to see how it would look, and it looks weird because instead of the dangle part laying flat on my stomach, it kind of pokes out because the bottom of the ring kind of faces up.

    My question is once it completely heals, will it look better? I tried putting a dangle ring upside down in my top piercing, and it looks normal. I'm afraid if it migrates it'll look even worse. I want to try to wear normal dangle ones in it because I don't like how the top dangle ones look.

    Lol, sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'll try to take some pics of it.


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    Ok just to say you shouldn't be messing around and changing jewellery if it hasn't healed yet - that will make your piercing more likely to run into complications!

    Chances are though if the don't look right to you now they may never do. You can always try shortening the dangle on some of the bars to make them lay better or getting a few custom made if you really want them that much !
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    The only idea I ever had was to wear the dangle bar with the dangle part in your navel (as it would be if you wore it in the top navel piercing), but remove the dangle and reattach it so it's hanging down when it's upside down. If that makes sense I'm not sure how it would look as I couldn't be bothered to try it.
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    What about 'reverse dangle' ones?

    Nothing wrong with nice simple jewellery though, looks loads better in my opinion! Basic is good The thought of catching a dangly one on my jeans just makes me cringe wayyy too much - and it's more likely in an inverse navel as it'll be lower.

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