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Thread: tongue piercing advise please!

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    Default tongue piercing advise please!

    ive wanted my tongue pierced for nearly 2 years now but my parents havent agreed. ive now finally persuaded them to say yes to it but now im worried...

    ive got my pinna pierced 3 times and ive also got my traugs done which ive all had for over a year now. but each of these piercings have all now got red lumps forming around them (if anyone has any idea what these might be or how to get rid of them, it would be very apreciated) even though ive also got lobe piercings and they are all completely fine, im now worried that if i have my tongue pierced, it will happen again and may cause problems with my tongue ...i really dont want that to happen!

    so... i need some advise on weather you think it will happen to a tongue piercing? n if its a possibility, would it have major affects to my tongue other than looking bad?

    any help and advise is very apreciated ...thanks

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    well ive had loads of probs with pinna/cartilage piercings like you said with red hard lumps "growing" around them! when i had my tongue pierced i was really nervous but appart from the swelling it was the most painless piercing ive had and healed really well and quickly and ive never had any probs with it although i still have ongoing probs with pinnas! thats just me though an it could be different for other people! hope that helps! x
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