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    Ok so here is my angry face:

    I went to the local sexual health clinic for a repeat of the pill, i'm on microgynon 30 and was told that, despite having used it for 5 years i'm not allowed to have it.

    Why? Because when I was younger I used to get migraines with Aura (visual disturbances) and apparently by taking a combined pill like Micro I have an increased risk of stroke - despite not having a migraine with Aura for about 8 years now.

    So now they want to mess up my system and put me on cerzette (progesterone only) pill.

    This means I am likely to bleed for several weeks in a row till things settle down
    only have a period every 4 months or so (if at all which means no regular way to ensure you're not pregnant)
    Possible weight gain
    Possible depression
    Possibly turn into a psycho bitch (if i'm not one already)

    and I ammmmmm MAD!!!!! Not only because I'm being messed about at a time when I'm finally feeling really comfy in my own skin but also because i've changed doctor's 3 times since being on the pill and not once did they tell me that I could be in risk of stroke - despite knowing I had once suffered from migraine bad enough to be prescribed daily medication. They also randomly sprung the same thing on my sister last year...

    Has it happened to anyone else? What are your experiences of Cerazette? Cookies and hugs please?

    EDIT: For my feedback on what being on the Implant (which is what I chose over cerazette) was like for me and how I am now finding my newest contraception I have updated everyone in this post:
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