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Thread: Older mothers

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    i cant wait to get free medication again. everyone here cant believe it when i say everything is free for kids. it will help a whole lot considering just 1 med he takes is $65 for just 2 weeks supply. general living is also cheaper back in the uk, food is so much cheaper and clothing, imagine paying 10 pound for 1 kids t-shirt! its just stupid how high prices are here.
    so yes hopefully i wont notice the difference
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    tbh as iv said before, i wish being a single mum was a ticket to free cash... it really isnt, i think some ppl need to actualy read up on it before thinkin we get free this an free that, cause we dont.
    Thats the case if you're a normal single mum - however should you be one of the vast army of scaffy single mums then it really is free cash. I know of folk who just pop them out to get the stuff rolling in and they get every payment under the sun - it actually hurts them financially to work.
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    A friend of mine had a baby at 18, and lives with her boyfriend, and they get enough money that they live in a nice 2 bedroom flat, and neither of them work... She explained what all the benefits were the other day but I dont remember now...

    To be honest, I plan to be a younger Mum, partially because me and the boyf wanted kids in our mid 20's but theres 3 years between us, so we've compramised in that we'll wait til I'm about 23. By that time I feel Ill have enough experience of the world to be able to teach a child, but still have the energy to run around with them, plus plenty of time to have another kid if I wanted to!

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