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Thread: stretch blow out/infection HELP ASAP!!

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    Default stretch blow out/infection HELP ASAP!!

    a few days bak i stretched from 25mm to 28mm

    the plug easily went in

    last nite

    i took the plug out for the first time and the back of my lobe was really scabby

    and i noticed it had swolen up quite alot

    i got a mirror 2 look at the bak of my lobe and it looks really red and there is sum green puss

    i thought it wud b sensible to down size to 20mm so i put in a 20mm sergical steel tunnel

    is there nebody with previous incidents like this or nebody tht can help/ advise me


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    Sure, it happens to many people but you've done the right thing in downsizing again - this is the first step, important for pressure relief on your ear.

    You must make sure to keep the stretch clean and remove the puss/discharge twice a day with a salt soak as you have now got an open wound, treat it as you would an initial piercing.

    You may possibly start to get some scar tissue where your ear has blown out, but by having downsized, you've minimized that risk. If you do, your best option would be to rub vitamin-e oil into this scar tissue daily (only once the piercing has healed once again). Vitamin-e oil effectively helps break down scar tissue.

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    thanks for ur help

    yea thts wot im doing

    the salt water soaks sting quite abit

    yea i managed 2 get rid of quite a big blow out in my other ear by downsizing 5mm

    but in the ear iv cum down 8

    the swelling has gone down abit since yesterday

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    You are doing everything you need to. Make sure though it is fully happy again before trying to move up anymore. :(

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    aye i will

    this ear isnt budging anywhere for a few months

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