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Thread: anyone whos stretched past 15mm?

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    Default anyone whos stretched past 15mm?

    hey guys,
    Ive been looking around and ive noticed that, generally, tapers only go up to about 15mm. I may be wrong so please correct me if i am. If im right tho, how have u guys stretched after the tapers ran out of high enough sizes? if u used tapers that is... thanks, Samwise

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    I used knitting needles as a taper and padd locks or bunches of keys for weight - The knitting needle is just as effective as a taper
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    either that r wrap some tape around your plugs to gradually move up in size. Playing with and swinging from your tubes and tunnels also helps.

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    you can get PMMA tapers that go right up to 20 mm then its just straight up 2 mm size ups from there. but the skins usually a bit floppy then so its ok .
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    15mm is the largest steel taper we do, but as someone mentioned there are PMMA tapers up to 20mm.

    Generally when you get to such a large size you won't need to use tapers to stretch. You will find that in correlation to your size, earlobe elasticity will reduce and after a month or two of wearing your jewellery your skin will naturally become quite loose (especially if wearing heavier jewellery). Try wearing steel, or heavier pieces with more density. Some people will thread a BCR or other ornaments through the tunnel to weigh the ear down for a quicker stretching process.

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