Well I just got my Frenum pierced on Sunday. It was honestly painless other than a small pinch. I have a few questions though...

1) Other than antibacterial soap, what else should be used to clean it? (I have a saline spray I use too)

2) When can I change out the piercing? It was suggested to initially do a circular barbell because of the potential swelling, even though I wanted a curved barbell. So I need to know how long till I can put a curved in.

3) I have been told/read a lot of different opinions on waiting for sexual activity. How long should I wait before sex or oral? I have heard anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

4) With my exgirlfriend I never used a condom because of birth control, yet, should I always use a condom with this piercing? Will it cause a lot of irritation from friction? Does it move too much without a condom on?

Any tips/advice would be great.