Last weekend i decided to stretch my lobes to 6mm so i bought strecthing claw and the tunnels blah blah blah
Did the right one first as i figured it would hurt more seein as it isnt as healed as the other, (bout 4months since last stretch)
so did that on the saturday all fine and dandy changed it to the tunnel on the sunday.
Then i did the left lobe on sunday was more painful to say the last stretch was 6months ago but it was ok.
today i went to change it to the tunnel and here is where the *problem starts*
took the claw out to find lots of blood and pussi tried to clean it all i could be couldnt get the tunnel in so ive just put the claw in for now

question is where do i go from here??
leave it for a week and try again?? or longer?? i really dont want to have to downsize