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    okay, so i think i could possibly have done a slightly stupid thing and i feel like a little inexperienced kid asking for help on this but here goes...

    I started stretching my lobes a couple of months ago and i just stretched one of my lobes to 4mm after waiting 2 weeks from the 3.2mm. Problem is, my lobe is now swollen, pussy and a little bit bloody. I was stupid and was fiddling with it today which I admit hasn't helped! So I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and whether it's best for me to take it out and let it heal. It doesn't hurt unless I sleep on it or poke it, which i am trying to avoid.

    Any ideas will be very useful because this hasn't happened before and i'm slightly concerned.
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    The general advice is that you wait 4 weeks between stretches to help let it settle down and avoid the nasty bloodyness and the like!

    All I can say is don't fiddle with it and try bathing it in salt water! The other thing I did when I stretched mine and did them in a bit was to rub some savlon into them maybe once every couple of days (some people wouldn't recomend this but I personally found that it helped me) Should hopefully clear it up

    Hope that helps!

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    Doesnt sound like they were ready for the stretch. There's a few things you can do. Firstly you can go back to the 3.2 and wait a month to 6 weeks and then try the stretch again. In order to promote healing and blood flow to your lobes you should start oiling them regularly. Most oils are brilliant to use - the best one I have heard is emu oil which you might be able to find at Holland and Barrat, but many people use Lavender, Vitamin E oil, Wheat germ - it's all upto you. I know professionals who have even used Olive oil and said it works wonders. It's all about keeping them clean, moisturised and healthy, and that gets more important the larger you go.

    You might want to check for any scratches or flaws around your new jewellery because this can sometimes really irritate a new stretch too.
    Hope that helps a little.
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