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Thread: convincing parents.

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    Default convincing parents.

    Ive wanted a lip piercing now for over a year. However both my mum and dad are really anti-piercing. My mum always tells me that people with piercings look 'rough' etc. When I wanted my lobes pierced for my 13th birthday she let me have that done but I know shes not going to be impressed when I tell her I want a facial piercing. Basically im thinking of saying that I want to get it done after my GCSE's almost as a reward to myself for doing them. Then theres always the its my body argument. Any suggestions??
    Also, are lip piercings really painfull?
    also im new here so hi!

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    Dont even think of going there. If your parents say no take that as your final answer. I got several piercings done behind my parents back and in the end you'll only be found out and get in shit. Theyre your parents, respect their wishes. When you leave home you can do what you wish without their consent.
    You're also still at school and you might be wishing to go onto further education. Some universities and colleges base your application on interview and this means that first impressions count. Going into the interview with a lip ring not only gives them a bad impression of you but also makes them question your background ie. your parents. Uni's and colleges tend to brand all body modifications apart from lobe piercings as "we dont want you in our uni/college because you look like trouble". Its a sad fact of life. The same goes for the world of work.
    If i were you i would reconsider your wishes for a lip ring. Maybe try asking them for something more discreet like your naval or top of your ear which can be hidden easily. If they object to that just leave it. Its not worth falling out with them over it. If you still want it when you leave home, by all means do it! But in reality youve only got another 3 or 4 years left at home, enjoy it while you can! After all youve got the rest of your life to get your lip pierced!

    Mazz :twisted:

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    Mazzawa-ohmygosh! i can't believe you wrote all that, college and university are perfect places to express yourself and if anything are the few places that accept people who look a bit different and they certainly shouldn't judge your parents and background based on piercings you have. if you do apply to a university/college that judges you negatively because of your piercings i would sugest going somewhere else.
    piercings are a lot more popular and acceptable than they used to be. jobs are admittedly a little harder with piercings but i have 3 nose rings a lip ring, tongue bar and 11 ear piercings and i've always managed ok.

    as far as convincing your parents go that's a bit different, my mum is really anti-piercings and i got my tongue and lip done behind her back, my tongue when i was 17 and lip 18 and she came around in the end because she accepts me for me. it might be advisable to wait a little while though if you are doing your GCSE's at the moment. all my piercings i've wanted for quite a long time before actually getting them so make sure it's what you want. i would advise sitting down and having a good talk with your parents, without getting angry, and if they are still super anti you may well have to wait until you're not living at home. remember though it is possible to get clear retainers and small studs that aren't as obvious or intrusive as a ring if they think it looks "rough". piercings can actually be very pretty and people who are pierced aren't all bad. also a piercing isn't permenant so if later in life you need to take it out you can.

    i could say so much more on this subject (especially the judgement of people with piercings) but i'll stop now and i hope i've been a little helpful.

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    My mom used to be pretty anti-piercing when I was in high school. I only had my lobes and helix done. But I wanted more piercings, and she wasn't going to let me have them without a deal. So I promised her that if I graduated in the top 10 I could have any piercing I want and she couldn't say anything. So I based my deal on grades.

    I have no idea what the GCSE's are, but maybe if you do extremely well on them, you can ask your parents for a lip ring.

    Or go the old chore route, or offering to pay for it etc.

    If no really does mean no, then you'll have to wait until you're old enough. Piercings are awesome, but they're not worth getting into screaming fights over.

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    I'm 20 and at Uni therefore not living at home and got my lip pierced last week. I was nervous about telling my mum cause I knew she wouldn't really like it that much but I wrote her an email explaining that it's my decision and I'm not trying to rebel against her, it's just something I wanted to do. I thought I was being very reasonable and she wrote back to me like she was still being pissed off. She was like 'well it's done and there's nothing I can do now I suppose'. I thought I was being reasonable!! Damn parents :twisted:

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    my mum is pretty relaxed about most piercings i want, after i bring her round to the idea. after all, its only a iitle hole in your body, & its not permanent. most of the time it works, but having some real issues with bringing her round to a tongue piercing!! she thinks theyre slutty & wont change her mind & realise that nowadays, piercings are more for self expression than sexual pleasure. aarrrggghhh!!

    but the gcse reward sounds like a good idea, i did that wen i wanted a navel piercing, worked a treat!! do loads of research on the piercing & tell her what youve learned. i will teach her a lot stuff & stop her worrying as much (because the media blows the danger of piercings WAY out of proportion, & thats probably all they know about pierings) & it will show her that your being mature about the situation.

    good luck!!

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    How long untill you're 16? Or are you already? I'd say it's worth waiting it out a bit untill you can get it done without needing their consent. By the time you can get it done, you'll hopefully have got them used to the idea. Ack, I'm being all boring and sensible. Sorry!!

    What other peircings do you have now?

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    my mums always been fine with piercings and tattoos, but my dad well hates them i got my cartalage pierced when iwas 12 and he hit the roof.

    When i was younger i just use to tell them that id gave it a load of thought and try to convince them about or you could go on about it constantly till in the end they just give in too just to get some peace lol (i mostly oppted for the seconed option)

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    Wait til you are legally able without consent from parents.

    Do your research.

    Pay for it yourself- and make sure it's a decent place. It's better to spend more money on travel and piercing costs then to have it done at somewhere nearby. ALso, the most expensive isn't always the best.

    If you do that then they can't really complain, it's your body, you don't need anything from them to modify.
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    I got my scaffold done after my GCSEs so maybe you could do some kind of reward system thing.
    If you do get it done though, leave it until after your exams, if you're in too much pain you won't be able to concentrate and a piece of metal that you may or may not take out isn't worth your grades.

    I don't have a job at the moment, so any piercings I want I have to get my mom to concent to so that she'll pay...but as soon as you're 16 and have the money, there's nothing they can do because you don't need their consent.
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