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Thread: ear bleeding a little bit inside

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    Default ear bleeding a little bit inside

    Hey all, Im just wondering if my ear bleeding inside for a little bit is something to worry about? It happened when i took off my sweater and it accidently got caught on the sweater. This was 2 weeks ago, its not bleeding now, but im wondering if this delayed the healing process. When it got caught I was 4 weeks into healing because I just got them pierced. It is now 6 weeks and i wonder if this slowed the healing process because I want to start gauging. Any feedback please. Thanks

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    It probably did a little, yeah. You should be waiting another few months before you start stretching - not gauging ;D - so it still has plenty of time to heal up well.

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    alright thanks! what happens if I dont wait 2 more months?

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    It'll hurt, take longer to heal and look disgusting. Theres the risk that your earlobe will thin out if you stretch too quickly and that will limit how far you can stretch. It might lead to blowouts which aren't pleasant according to those who have suffered from them.
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    The earlobe that got tugged seems like the lobe is really thin, is this bad? My left earlobe is thicker than my right.

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    Is there any way you can post pictures?

    Sometimes there is a variation in the ears, like mine. My left lobe is a brat, my right lobe is an angel (as far as stretching has gone for me.) However, if there is an extreme variation, you may have a problem. There are some methods for building up lobe thickness, however, they are not sure fire.

    How long have you had your ears pierced?
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    I have had them pierced for about 6 weeks now. Ill try to get pictures up but I dont think you can tell if its thin or not unless you touch them.

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    If you are concerned about the health of your new ear piercings, go for salt soaks which will help them out alot and wont do any damage if theres nothing wrong. Definately wait until you have had the piercings for a few more months before you start stretching them as others have said because early stretching buggers 95% of people up in the long run. You can make your lobes a bit more "plump" by massaging vit E oil into them, but if you are having issues with your piercings I would probably leave that for a little while until they are all healthy.
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    Is there a specific type of salt i should use? what kind?

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