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Thread: Removing photos from gallery?

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    Default Removing photos from gallery?

    How do I delete photos from my gallery. I cant find any delete/remove buttons on there anywhere :S


    Holes | lip (left) | nostril (right) | nipples horizonal (both) | 2x lobe (right) | 2x lobe (left) | industrial (right) | Inner conch (left)

    Ink | aquarius (my)sign on left wrist | pink cherry blossom flower on stomach

    Wants | full sleeve | chest piece | high nostrils | septum | vertical nipples | medusa | triangle

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    hi eva you need to go to your gallery click onto the pic you want to delete. you will then see a new page with the picture as a bigger a box underneath are little pictogrms if you click on the lowest middle i think it will say edit picture click on this and a new page will have instructions to edit the picture, low down on the page it has a little box it warns you if you click that once its gone its gone,
    both nipples pierced , one vertical one horizontal.
    3 surface genital piercings plus a PA

    wish list a tattoo

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    i cant get that 2 work
    Current Piercings.

    Left Ear= Lobes (8mm)
    Right Ear= Lobes (8mm)
    Others= Navel(2mm), Tongue(2.4mm), Left Nostril(1.6mm), Center Lip(1.6mm),Septum(4mm), VCH (2mm) Second Tongue (2mm)
    Getting Soon= Snakebites and more to comeeee!
    currently 2 Tattoos

    Al <3

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