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Thread: Signs of microdermal rejection?

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    Default Signs of microdermal rejection?

    I've read the post on here about microdermal rejection and it sounds all well and good but mine doesnt seem like it's one of them =/

    Basically i got two microdermals on the left of my pubic bone by dermal punch and after getting them in i never really felt any pain afterwards

    I did a few things that probably could have caused a infection lol...but i remember sitting on the ground really hard and the end of my pants dug into one microdermal. It hurt for a little bit but i ignored it and it took more then a day to realize i had the edge of the end under my skin (no glasses while cleaning caused that) and it was a little swollen. I pulled the bit that was under my skin out of the skin and cleaned it and all that jazz and i'm just wondering if it's a sign that it's rejecting or do you think it's just beat up from being to harsh with it?

    It doesnt hurt right now but now there is a area of no skin under the head piece thing (whatever you call it). I don't have this on my other dermal (or maybe i cant see it...bloody glasses) =/ Should i worry and see my piercer or leave them be for a while?

    It probably seems like a simple thing, but i'd rather not make the trip down if it wont be worth it ><"
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    When my rejected: you could start seeing the post. when I got them done they were quite flush with my skin. they skin around it was red-ish. There was lymph when there hadnt been for quite awhile, and most noticeably, the skin around the microdermals started like... flaking/peeling off.

    if youre worried, a trip to your piercer is never time wasted.
    Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

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