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Thread: nipple piercings ...advise needed plz

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    Default nipple piercings ...advise needed plz

    im thinking of having my nipple pierced but id like to ask a few things 1st...
    hope someone can help!

    1) how old legally do you have to be to get it done? is it the normal age of 16 or is it 18?

    2) stupid question but... if your breasts are still growing, does it affect the piercing? or should you wait til they have stopped?

    3) how easy is it 2 look after? and how long does it take to heal properly?

    and lastly...

    4) i make alot of scar tissue so would it be likely that this will form around the peircing?

    thanks for any addive you gve me on this...

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    1) its usually 18, but i have mine done and i'm 15, the place thought i was 16 :oops:

    2) i think it might affect it a bit...depends how much more they grow, if its not alot, then it shouldnt make much difference

    3) mines really easy to look after, i just clean it in the shower every day, and with salt water if it needs it, it stopped hurting after a few days, it doesnt even hurt if i knock it, although in the first few days it bled alot, i'm not sure if thats normal or if it was just me

    4) i dont think there would be any more than on any other piercing you have...and scar tissue can often get re-absorbed back into the body, also, vitamin E oil is good for reducing scarring, so if it does scar badly that should help
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    cheers for that, really helped. although still cant make up my mind if itll be worth it or not.
    anyone had anything go wrong with a nipple piercing??

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    I think you should go for it. I havent had any problems with mine. I recommend getting it done with a barbell rather than a ring as it will help prevent problems like rejection and stuff.

    Good luck

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