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Thread: Profiles of yourself

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    You know what I have no idea who Ben Harper is! :?

    God im into lots of random things, playing electric guitar, dying my hair a multitude of colours, obviously piercings. I do film studies along with psychology and philosophy, errr... Im pretty mad or so say my flat mates, haha.
    Body Mods: Middle lip, Side lip, left nose, Tongue, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Industrial via conch, Pinna, Lobes x2, sternum
    Retired: two auricles and navel

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    i like random stuff.. i play string bass if that counts haha.. I also am addicted to minesweeper. hahaha
    Do you wanna be free? Set the gearshift to the high gear of your soul. -Tom Marshall

    lobesx4, tragusx2, lower back surface


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    God im shite at minesweeper, more of a pinball girl!
    Body Mods: Middle lip, Side lip, left nose, Tongue, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Industrial via conch, Pinna, Lobes x2, sternum
    Retired: two auricles and navel

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    Real name? Chris
    Gender? Male
    Age? 20
    Height? 5'7"
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Brown :(
    Hair colour and length? Black, with like 2.5 inch mohawk
    Favourite thing about yourself? How easy goin and laid back I am
    Favourite band? Chenical Brothers
    Job? Um none right now, student again next fall
    Marital status? SIngle :(
    Favourite food? Seafood
    Favourite film? Boondock Saints, WIlly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Life ambition? Um, becomin a pyrotechnition! :shock:

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    Real name? Debbie
    Gender? female
    Age? 34
    Height? Likkle-5'1/2" :(
    Build? volumptiouse
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Bottle black (for now) long on top and shaved up the back!
    Favourite thing about yourself? I'm a soft touch and cant say no to any one or thing,
    thats why I have a house full of animals!
    Favourite band? Alien Ant Farm
    Job? Skivvy, mam and wife!
    Marital Status? married 13 years, the ball and chain gets longer each year! :shock:
    Favourite food? fish
    Favourite film? Pirates of the Carribean, Dusk till Dawn, the chucky and hellraiser films.
    Lifes Ambition? To give my kids a decent upbringing, and be a good mate
    BJS straight jacket maker extraudinaire.
    Happy death day to you baby,I know your flying in the blue now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saz
    Biffy clyro?? They arent really my cup of tea but were still very good live, did a long set and got everyone going.
    ARGH!!! You don't really like them and you got to go !?!?! I'm SO jealous :( Which day did you go? (Please don't say Blackened Sky or I may have to hunt you down....)

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    Real name? Ivory (hah go figure)
    Gender? Female
    Age? 18 (finally)
    Height? 5'8
    Build? average
    Eye colour? hazel
    Hair colour and length? Kind of hard to explain my hair but I'll try... If you divided my head in half horizontally the top half is bright ass blonde and the bottom half is dark dark brown and then it's really long almost all the way to my ass.
    Favourite thing about yourself? my eyes and my since of humor and me being able to have a great day everyday cause I'm real easy going
    Favourite band? Nirvana and Avenged Sevenfold ^_^
    Job? unemployed but hopefully have a job soon/ student in high school still
    Marital status? single
    Favourite food? Homemade Vegetable Soup
    Favourite film? Fight Club or American History X
    Life ambition? To become a fashion designer and own my studio and live in a big house and be richer than Bill Gates ^_^
    I'm not obsessed with piercings... I'm addicted. Piercings are like weed to me.

    I don't see my piercings as me trying to alter my image I see them as pieces of me that just haven't been put there yet. Like pieces missing from a puzzle.

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    Real Name: Lauren
    Gender: Female
    Height: a reasonable 5, 7"
    Build: Slim but with hips!
    Eye-colour: Bright green
    Hair colour and length: Brown (though soon to be pink muhahah) should-length with fringe.
    Favourite thing bout myself: My infinite capacity to find sarcasm in every situation and i have a pretty good sense of humour
    Favourite band: Foo Fighters
    Job: "what is this weird word" im a student
    Favourite film: Lord of the Rings....Kill Bill and oh so many more
    Life Ambition: To get my degree, a job and rule the wolrd.
    Current: Lobes at 14mm
    Tatotos: Bluebell at base of spine, winged heart with stars between shoulder blades

    Retired: 3rd lobe,auricle and upper helix, both nipples, reverse navel, snakebites *sob*

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    Real name? Becky
    Gender? Female
    Age? 17
    Height? 5'3
    Build? Average i guess :-/
    Eye colour? Bloo but soon to be brown (yey coloured contacts)
    Hair colour and length? Sortaa browny colour with pink at the front. Quite long + layered.
    Favourite thing about yourself? Hummmmm.. i dunno. I'm very openminded? And hopefully a nice person.
    Favourite band? eesh, i dunno. it depends on my mood. i like the older sorta rock like led zep + rolling stones.. but im also partial to a load of emo stuff (dont laugh :P) and ska and basically anything which is alternative/rock etc heehee .
    Job? Nah, student + teenage laze aboot.
    Marital status? Single.
    Favourite food? chocolate but im on a diet at the mo so cant eat it
    Favourite film? umm.. anything by tim burton or tarantino
    Life ambition? well my current ambition is to be accepted by the unis that i want to go to. I dont think that far ahead.

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    Real name? Barry
    Gender? Male
    Age? 28
    Height? 6 feet square
    Build? Slim
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Cropped (has been for over 10 years now) cant remember the colour but my pubes arent ginger...
    Favourite thing about yourself? That my pubes aren't ginger...err sense of humour I guess.
    Favourite band? Queen
    Job? Logistics Manager
    Marital status? Coupled - but flexible
    Favourite food? Pancakes
    Favourite film? Magnolia (not the steel one - the one were tom cruise says the C-word)
    Life ambition? Write the story of my life... its a bizarre old read.
    Piercings: 7 - PA (8mm), Both Nipples(4mm, 3.2mm), Lorum, Amp, 2xPinna
    Tattoos: 4 - Trojan Helmet and a swirly thing on my arse (among others)

    Lord of the Rings

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