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Thread: Profiles of yourself

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    Real name? Mid is good enough.
    Gender? Female
    Age? Close to 30
    Height? Tall
    Build? Average.
    Eye color? Dark brown
    Hair color and length? Short , dyed black and green
    Favorite thing about yourself? My dark sense of humor
    Marital status? In a relationship
    Favorite food? Asian takeout
    Life ambition? Relaxed, happy, doing what I love and making something out of it. Also being pierced and tatted
    Last edited by Mid; 05-21-2019 at 03:29 AM.
    Right Ear: 3 Lobe
    Left Ear: 3 Lobe, 3 Helix
    Nose: 1 Left Side
    Soon/Want to Get:
    Ear: 4th Lobe, 1 Helix, maybe a Daith or Tragus

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