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Thread: Profiles of yourself

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    Real name? Cara
    Gender? Female
    Age? 21
    Height? 5'2"
    Build? Idk small and kinda slim?
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Purple/blue, just past shoulder length
    Favourite thing about yourself? Probably the hair now!
    Favourite band? Gorillaz
    Job? Student/Waitress
    Marital status? Cohabiting
    Favourite food? Chilli or curry
    Favourite film? Trainspotting or Snatch
    Life ambition? Lecturing/teaching (hell if I know how well they're going to take my tattoos and piercings)

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    Real name: Julie-Anne
    Gender: Female
    Age: 47
    Height: 5'4"
    Build: Slim
    Eye colour: Light blue
    Hair colour and length: Brown going old gracefully, below the shoulders
    Favourite thing about yourself: kindness
    Favourite band: Bryan Adams
    Job: Parttime shop assistant whilst completing MA in cultural archaeology
    Marital status: Married
    Favourite food: Chocolate
    Favourite film: Gone with the wind and Last of the Mohicans
    Life ambition: Done two already: getting a degree and becoming an archaeologist, but overall, just to be happy
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    4 lobes in each ear
    1 right tragus
    1 right helix
    1 left nose
    1 right & 1 left nipples
    1 VCH
    1 right rook
    1 right inner conch
    1 floating navel
    1 left daith

    Retired: left tragus, 2 lobes in each ear, left nipple, 2x navel

    Want: 1 vertical tongue, 1 Madonna, HCH,

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    Real name: mel
    Gender: female
    Age: 48
    Height: 6ft
    Build: stocky
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: thigh length dreads
    Fave feature: my dreads
    Fave band: dead kennedys
    Marital status: single
    Fave food: yaki soba
    Fave film: ju-on
    Life dream: move to japan
    Mods: piercings: eyebrow, bridge, nose, septum, top & bottom lips & belly. Tatts on back, chest & left arm. Stretched earlobe & belly piercing.

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    Red face

    Real name? Kim
    Gender? Female
    Age? 35
    Height? 5ft 2in
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Long and Brown
    Favourite thing about yourself? Caring Nature
    Favourite band? 3T
    Job? Sale Rep / Home Mum
    Marital status? Married
    Favourite food? Spaghetti Bolognese
    Favourite film? don't have one
    Life ambition? To be happy
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    Real name? Kim
    Gender? Female
    Age? 23
    Height? 5'7"
    Build? slim
    Eye colour? blue
    Hair colour and length? brown, medium length but getting shorter every haircut! :P
    Favourite thing about yourself? my cooking <3 I spoil myself
    Favourite band? Tend to only like random songs not a whole band really...
    Job? Final year veterinary student
    Marital status? Hinting hinting hinting for a ring (serious boyfriend aha)
    Favourite food? anything home cooked and tasty, preferably with cheese.
    Favourite film? currently Moana <3
    Life ambition? Be happy, have a house and a family.

    Hi guys ^.^
    Curious Newbie

    Piercings: 2 x earlobe (done when I was too young to remember)
    2 x nipples (25/04/17)

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    Hi everyone - thanks for the add!

    Real name? Jessica
    Gender? Female
    Age? 34
    Height? 5ft 5
    Build? Curvy/Fat
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Natural - brown; current - red! Chin-length bob.
    Job? I work in tech support for a web software company - NERD
    Marital status? Single (come at me fellas)
    Favourite food? The edible kind although I am a veggie

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    Real name? Alison
    Gender? Female
    Age? 26
    Height? 5ft 7
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Blonde, past shoulders
    Favourite thing about yourself? I think I'm fairly intelligent and creative, and I've been told I'm funny (but who knows)
    Favourite band? Right now - Crywank. But I was obsessed with The Offspring for years
    Job? PhD student - I teach Old English to university students also
    Marital status? Single
    Favourite food? thai food
    Favourite film? The Broken Circle Breakdown (and LOTR)
    Life ambition? Hopefully stay in academia and own loads of dogs

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    Real name? Ollie
    Age? 19
    Height? 5ft 6
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? green
    Hair colour and length? brown and lavender
    Favourite thing about yourself? I know a little bit about an awful lot of things.
    Favourite band? At the moment probably The Sisters of Mercy
    Job? Student/ part time work
    Marital status? single
    Favourite food? hush puppies and anything blue crab
    Favourite film? idk Velvet Goldmine maybe?
    Life ambition? to be happy and proud of myself

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    Real name? Meg
    Gender? Female
    Age? 23
    Height? 4ft 7
    Build? Petite and curvy
    Eye colour? Green
    Hair colour and length? Dark brown, past shoulders
    Favourite thing about yourself? Approachablility and smile
    Favourite band? No particular favourite, just a lot of random songs
    Favourite food? Pasta!
    Favourite films? Queen of the Damned and Split
    Life ambition? To be happy and learn to love myself
    ~Piercings I have~
    6 Lobes, Helix (L), Conch (R), Navel

    ~Piercings I want~
    Industrial (L), Nostril (R), Helix (R), Rook, Nipples

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    Real name? Alessia
    Gender? Female
    Age? 35
    Height? 5ft 7
    Build? Athletic
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Henna red (I dye them with body art powder), till my bottom
    Favourite thing about yourself? Determination
    Favourite band? None really, I listen to everything
    Favourite food? Pizza
    Favourite films? Leon
    Life ambition? Be happy
    Hi, I'm Alessia.
    At the moment I have:
    Right ear: 1 lobe, industrial
    Left ear: 1 lobe, helix, rook
    Other: VCH
    Tattoos: full sleeve on right arm, japanese dragon. Half sleeve on left arm, skull, rose and girl with writing.
    Retired: both nipples when I was 6 months pregnant.
    Future: full sleeve on left arm, repierce both nipples, phoenix on my back

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