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Thread: Profiles of yourself

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    Real name: Emma.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 20.
    Height: 5ft 5.5".
    Build: Getting smaller everyday - trying to lose weight.
    Eye colour: Changes in different lights, brown or green usually.
    Hair colour and length: Naturally brunette, fake blonde. Long hair.
    Favourite thing about yourself: My empathy/emotion I think.
    Favourite band: Good question. Not really sure I have one, but listening to a lot of Steel Panther at the mo.
    Job: "Technical Consultant".
    Marital status: Just broke up with my longterm boyfriend.
    Favourite food: Mashed potato.
    Favourite film: Pretty Woman.
    Life ambition: Oooh that's deep. Uh, to have a happy healthy family of my own.

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    Real name? Grace
    Gender? Female
    Age? 18
    Height? 5'5"
    Build? Thin but curvy ???? i dont know lmao
    Eye colour? i dont even know my eye color
    Hair colour and length? blond and about shoulder length
    Favourite thing about yourself? yikes idk my kind personality ???
    Favourite band? I have too many to choose just one so here's a list: Lana Del Rey, The Beatles, Queen, Post Malone, BØRNS, and many more lmao
    Job? I'm a barista at Starbucks on my college's campus
    Marital status? I'm not married but I'm in a long term relationship
    Favourite food? Pizza
    Favourite film? Hot Rod
    Life ambition? To find something I love and do it for the rest of my life.

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    Real name? aviva
    Gender? female
    Age? old enough to know better!
    Height? 5'
    Build? small lol
    Eye colour? brown
    Hair colour and length? shoulder brown with blonde highlights
    Favourite thing about yourself? my fingernails
    Favourite band? no one single band just lots of different types of music
    Job? researcher
    Marital status? married
    Favourite food? chocolate
    Favourite film? desperately seeking susan
    Life ambition? to be happy and healthy

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    Real name? I might tell some here
    Gender? Female
    Age? 30
    Height? About 5'5 (I think?)
    Eye colour? Hazel
    Hair colour and length? Dark cherry, only just passes the top of my shoulders (growing it now)
    Favourite thing about yourself? My eyes
    Favourite band? Wow that's a hard one, I have a few - Papa Roach, Pink, Metallica, Seether, Alanis Morissette, Lenny Kravitz, the list goes on
    Job? Web Designer
    Marital status? Single
    Favourite food? Tuna bake
    Favourite film? Revolver
    Life ambition? Continue to be free to express myself in the ways that make me feel most comfortable and happy in my own skin.
    Currently none.

    Koi fish half sleeve on left arm and hand.
    Dragon eye on right hand.
    Sphynx cat on chest.

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    Real name? Kaz
    Gender? Female
    Age? 37
    Height? 5'5
    Eye colour? Blue/green ish
    Hair colour and length? Blonde, just past my shoulders and still growing it
    Favourite thing about yourself? No idea, I wouldn't want one part of me getting all uppity by being picked favourite
    Favourite band? Sigur Ros, OMAM, lots more.. love going to gigs a lot
    Job? Project officer type thing
    Marital status? Married
    Favourite food? sausage barm with a hash brown
    Favourite film? The Godfather
    Life ambition? To one day not have to be a full time slave to the office

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    Real name? Gemi
    Gender? Female
    Age? 20
    Height? 5'1"
    Build? A bit chubby
    Eye colour? Dark brown
    Hair colour and length? Long black/dark brown with pink tips
    Favourite thing about yourself? My personality
    Favourite band? No favorite lol
    Job? Currently unemployed- just lost my job
    Marital status? Single
    Favourite food? Indian and Mediterranean
    Favourite film? The Harry Potter series (not my favorite but I can't decide lol)
    Life ambition? To find life-long happiness and change lives through my career.

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    Real name - Rachel
    Gender - Female
    Eye colour - Blue/green
    Hair colour and length - Auburn, about to be shoulder length again
    Favourite thing about yourself - My willingness to try certain daring things (like travelling)
    Favourite band - Right now, The Wombats
    Job - I work in the art department of my school
    Marital status - Single
    Favourite food - Right now, Chinese food
    Favourite film - Kiki's Delivery Service
    Life ambition - To be happy and to travel

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    Real name? Rose
    Gender? Female
    Age? 18
    Height? 5'
    Build? Small and squishy
    Eye colour? Blue, sometimes silver
    Hair colour and length? Red (but I dye it a lot)
    Favourite thing about yourself? Eyes
    Favourite band? Die Antwoord
    Job? Piercing apprentice
    Marital status? Single (I'm dating though)
    Favourite food? Olive Garden
    Favourite film? Queen of the Damned
    Life ambition? To become an APP certified piercer and open my own shop
    Current piercings: Horizontal nipple (both), double vertical labret

    Future piercings: Dimples, medusa, nostril (both sides), belly button, industrial, tragus, daith

    Future body mods: Ear pointing

    Tattoos (so far): semicolon butterfly and neo traditional rose

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    Gender? Female
    Age? 19
    Height? 5'5
    Build? ??
    Eye colour? Hazel
    Hair colour and length? brown and purple and about two feet long
    Favourite thing about yourself? bubbly personality
    Favourite band? Don't currently have one
    Job? stay-at-home annoyer of my mom (kidding)

    Favourite food? Chinese?
    Favourite film? Don't currently have one
    Life ambition? To become a nail tech
    I have-
    Septum(16g) Both lobes(6g) Tongue (14g)
    I want to have- Labret, both lobes to 2g, tragus, daith, cartilage piercings, industrial right ear, tattoos
    Retired- Medusa

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    Real name? Dirk
    Gender? Male
    Age? 45
    Height? 6'2"
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Dark red/blonde shaved most of the time
    Favourite thing about yourself? I'm me!
    Favourite band? David Bowie (Yes, he is a band)
    Job? Software Engineering Manager
    Marital status? Married
    Favourite food? no particular favourite
    Favourite film? Blazing Saddles
    Life ambition? Happy family and life (I have it!)

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