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Thread: Profiles of yourself

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    Real name - Robyn
    Gender - Female
    Height - 5ft (just)
    Build - Tiny
    Eye Colour - Blue
    Hair Colour and Length - very long and very blonde
    Favourite Band - Steel Panther
    Job - Research scientist
    Marital Status - Single
    Favourite Food - Boiled Fish-Sichuan AMAZING
    Favourite Film - Edward Scissor hands, Scream and It follows (can't choose 1!)

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    Real name? Britni
    Gender? Female
    Age? 27
    Height? about 5' 10"
    Build? Big and beautiful
    Eye colour? brown
    Hair colour and length? almost to my shoulders but currently it is purple. But natural hair color is dark brown
    Favourite thing about yourself? my personality
    Favourite band? Big Bang!!!
    Job? Nurse
    Marital status? Single and happy
    Favourite food? Steak
    Favourite film? Hard to pick just one. Seven brides for seven brothers. Fantasia. How to train your dragon. The breakfast club
    Life ambition? travel the world
    Left ear: 4 Lobe piercings, 2 Cartilage, Conch, Double Forward Helix, Antitragus and Vertical Industrial
    Right ear: 3 Lobe piercings, Auricle, Helix, Conch x2, Snug and Forward helix
    Facial: Double Lower and Upper Nostril, Septum, Vertical labret and Philtrum
    Want: Everything
    Retired: Naval x2, Right Nostril, Anti-Tragus, double high nostrils and multiple lobe/Auricle piercings
    Tattoos: None but I want some.

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    Real name? Haylea (prounounced Haylee)
    Gender? Female
    Age? 18
    Height? 5'
    Build? Petite
    Eye colour? Hazel. They change between a lot of different shades of brown and green.
    Hair colour and length? Deep reddish purple and layered a little above my shoulder.
    Favourite thing about yourself? My hair
    Favourite band? Uhhh, Mayday Parade, State Champs, Paramore. There's too many lol
    Job? I'm a college student
    Marital status? In a relationship, but not married
    Favourite food? Avocado sushi and lots of fruit
    Favourite film? Across the Universe
    Life ambition? Just to be happy

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    Gender? Female
    Age? 30
    Build? Average with the typical lil pudge.
    Eye color? Green
    Hair color and length? Shoulder length brunette with golden highlights.
    Favorite thing about yourself? My geekiness.
    Favorite band? I love all kinds of music so I don't have a favorite.
    Job? Retail
    Marital status? Sadly single.
    Favorite food? Chicken alfredo, pizza and sushi.
    Favorite film? The original Star Wars trilogy.
    Life ambition? To find the love of my life and get married.

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    Real name? Rita
    Gender? Female
    Age? 22
    Height? 5'8''
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Green.
    Hair colour and length? Short black hair.
    Favourite band? Muse
    Job? Programmer
    Marital status? Single
    Favourite food? Pizza
    Life ambition? Travel the world

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    Real name? Agata
    Gender? Female
    Age? 28
    Height? 158cm, don't know how much is that in feet
    Build? Average
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Brown/dark blonde, long hair
    Favourite thing about yourself? My imagination
    Favourite band? Good Charlotte
    Job? Customer Service Rep
    Favourite food? Pizza, burgers, chocolate

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    Real name? _
    Gender? Female
    Age? 18
    Height? 5'4
    Build? Slim
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Ombre, long
    Favourite thing about yourself? Brows
    Favourite band? Amity duh
    Job? Work in retail
    Marital status? Single pls date me
    Favourite food? Pizza
    Favourite film? Hush
    Life ambition? To be happy

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    Real name? -
    Gender? Female
    Age? 24
    Height? 168 cm
    Build? Slim/average
    Eye colour? I suppose I will call them grey
    Hair colour and length? Blonde, to the shoulders
    Favourite thing about yourself? All the fancy things I have inside my head. Else I suppose I like my hands as well.
    Favourite band? Of monsters and men
    Job? Retail
    Marital status? All by myself (or does the kitties count?)
    Favourite food? Tacos
    Favourite film? Lotr (they're just one big film, really)
    Life ambition? To get myself to a place where I can live a calm and fulfilled life.

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    Real name?
    Gender? Male
    Age? 23
    Height? 6'1"
    Build? Mesomorph
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Dark and medium (messy)
    Favourite thing about yourself? Tattoos
    Favourite band? Linkin Park
    Job? Engineer
    Marital status? Single
    Favourite food? Italian
    Favourite film? Wizard of Oz
    Life ambition? To follow my nightmares

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    Real name? Kevin Allan (Kev)
    Gender? Male
    Age? 46
    Height? 5'9"
    Build? Chunky
    Eye colour? Brown
    Hair colour and length? Brown and grey but normally shaved.
    Favourite thing about yourself? Normally my approachability
    Favourite band? Depends on my mood, but the Smiths is right up there.
    Job? Delivery driver
    Marital status? Married
    Favourite food? Steak
    Favourite film? Possibly Blade Runner but it changes
    Life ambition? To survive until I've had enough

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