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    My forum profile doesn't work...

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    Is it meant to be like that?

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    Real name? Lisa
    Gender? Female
    Age? 31 (as of yesterday)
    Height? 1,68 m
    Build? Average I guess
    Eye colour? Greenish blue
    Hair colour and length? Short hair, which right now is my natural color brown
    Favourite bands? Volbeat, Queen, Dropkick Murphys
    Job? I work in a yarn store
    Marital status? Married, closing in on 8 years
    Favourite food? Homemade burger
    Life ambition? No regrets

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    Real name? Emma
    Gender? Female
    Age? 28
    Height? 5'5
    Build? Chubby
    Eye colour? Bluey grey
    Hair colour and length? Black and mid length
    Favourite band? I have so many... but i like at the moment "Of Monsters and men" "Marina and the Diamonds" "KATATONIA"
    Job? Printer and Freelance artist
    Marital status? Taken
    Favourite food? Thai food
    Favourite film? With nail and I or Practicle magic
    Life ambition? To Be as Creative as i can me and to Push myself creatively

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    Default Hello from Key West, FL!!!

    Real name? Cayla Rae, but I prefer to be called Rae, even on here. It's short and easy.

    Gender? Female

    Age? 21

    Height? 5'7''

    Build? A little chubs, but there's muscles under there :P

    Eye colour? Hazel. I like to call it Swamp Color.

    Hair colour and length? bob-style, it was long but needed to be chopped off. It's a good mix or redhead and brunette.

    Favourite thing about yourself? I can make people laugh with my weird.

    Favourite band? Beck.

    Job? I work at a boat supply store.

    Marital status? Not married, but got a Boyfriend of almost 3 years

    Favourite food? Fruit. Any Fruit

    Favourite film? That's a hard one. recently, How to train your dragon 1 and 2. OH and the Hobbit; desolation of smaug. SMAUG IS DONE SO GOOD, omg the graphicssssssss.

    Life ambition? To help the environment recover from our shitty actions. Mostly marine based, and also getting more youngsters to care about the environment. The more outreach, the better!

    Alright, so this place is awesome, first off, and also latest news:

    got a tragus done today!!!
    it wasnt as bad as I thought, got it done with a 16G and out a circular barbell in it.

    Ive also got the following:

    left ear has one helix 16G, one conch 14G
    right ear has two helix 16G, one tragus 16G.

    I'm really hoping my tragus won't try to reject on me!!! That would suck so much :/ If you have any stories to tell about tragus problems or rejecting, please let me know. I want to know what COULD happen, so I'll be ready.

    OR anything I should know about troubleshooting. All of these piercings are less than a month old.

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    Hi all!!

    Real name? Kristen
    Gender? female
    Age? 34
    Height? 5'10"
    Build? athletic
    Eye colour? brown
    Hair colour and length? natural brunette but rocking the ash blonde/gray look... medium length
    Favourite thing about yourself? my adventurous nature
    Favourite band? too many to think of... favorite song of the moment is genghis khan
    Job? 911 dispatcher
    Marital status? married
    Favourite food? greek, definitely souvlaki and gyros
    Favourite film? forest gump
    Life ambition? to be true to myself and enjoy the ride

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    Real name? Nicole
    Gender? female
    Age? 25
    Height? 5'5
    Build? thin
    Eye colour? brown
    Hair colour and length? blonde and light turquoise
    Favourite band? fall out boy (I'm clearly 14)
    Job? currently searching
    Marital status? single
    Favourite food? mexican
    Favourite film? spirited away
    Life ambition? to advocate for those whose voices are silenced in modern society

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    Hi and welcome

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    Real name? Tracy
    Gender? F
    Age? 43
    Height? 5'4" when feeling tall
    Build? Athletic
    Eye colour? Blue
    Hair colour and length? Red Shoulder length
    Favourite thing about yourself? my resilience
    Favourite band? Nickelback (today)
    Job? healthcare
    Marital status? partnered
    Favourite food? Indian
    Life ambition? to travel more


    3 R lobe, 4 L lobe (inc cute triangle!), L nostril, navel
    Planned: rook, tragus, daith, helix

    Tattoos in the planning stage!

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    Hi all,
    I joined up with the intention of finding a suitable place to have a pa done in the Midlands, and thanks to some helpful folks, I've made an appointment to get my pa done next month, I'm just waiting for confirmation from the piercer, then it's finally going to happen. I'll try to keep you updated, Ron.

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