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Thread: Recommendation for good piercing studio in Cardiff?

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    Default Recommendation for good piercing studio in Cardiff?

    Apparently I came here too late :/ it seems that Blue Banana is not one relied on for piercings.

    I have lost 3 piercings due to infection/inflammation that I got done in Blue Banana. Now, I know that snug piercings are notorious for taking ages to heal, but for my whole ear to inflate to the size of a balloon was a horrific and incredibly painful experience!! I had excrutiating pain in my ear, as well as down my neck and even to my shoulder! Not only did the snug inflame, but a lobe piercing did too! I made sure I cleaned those piercings exactly as I was told to do and it's not the first time I'd had trouble with Blue Banana piercings either - in fact, I've had trouble with almost all at some point or another. I only went there based on the fact that I know of no other piercing studio that does the kind of body piercing that BB does, and I wouldn't go to Rebel Rebel if you paid me.

    Any recommendations please?

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    i went there today and got my septum pierced
    ed is awesome
    Hi, I'm Al
    10mm Septum |19mm(3/4") Lobe|1.6mmtongue
    <3 Louise

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    i always go to The Silverhand in Castle arcade
    havent had a problem with em at all
    Everyones really nice there too!
    www . silverhand jewellery . com

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