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Thread: The pyschology behind piercings

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    I can't really think why I got my piercings other than the fact I thought they looked cool. :? There was no-one in particular I wanted to copy. I got my lip pierced when I was 15, it wasn't very popular at the time and I used to get a lot of comments like 'does that hurt?!?!?!' (does it look like i'm in pain?!) and 'look at her she's got her lip pierced!!' :| Then I got a nose ring about a year ago, haven't really had any comments about that. I must admit I like to look slightly intimidating but I can do that without the piercings. :twisted:

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    i got my tongue done because i wanted something different, that not many people around me had - well no guys i know had their tongue done.. so i wasnt copying.. but i wanted to somehow change me cause i get bored very easily -- 2 years ago i shaved off all my hair and eyebrows one night, cause i was bored -- so when im bored i act on instinct, and just go for it - whereas im sureif now i hadnt gotten my tongue done..... i would have never got it done - i had the thought on the sunday, rang up and booked monday, psyched my self up all week about it but didnt tell anyone - i still dont tell people..

    ooo another reason i got it was to enhance my tongues abilities under the cover...... :twisted:
    Piercing - Tongue Centre 12ga -- Nape -- Tongue Venoms 12ga -- 2x 0ga lobes
    Retired - Frenum 10ga -- Left Nipple 12ga (for the moment, will be back soon)
    Tattoo - Sentimental Barcode inside left bicep
    Future - more ink/scarification/frenum redone/nipple redone/lobes to 0ga
    This is Australia:
    We drink BEER, eat MEAT, and speak ENGLISH

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    i got my ears pierced first time round when i was 18 months old cos my mum liked the look of it. i got them pierced a second tim because mum has hers done 3 times in one ear and 4 in the other, and i also had my nose done both times because my mum has both sides of hers done. i really respect my mother and the fact that she got all these piercings at a time when they were socially unacceptable, (she was a punk in the early 70's before it went mainstream and everyone was) and i respect her for having the balls to go and do it and fuck everyone else. i love her dearly as a person too and would like to be like her. but i also want to be unique... so i flesh-holed the first piercings i had, i also kinda did it because mum pierced them before i had a say in it. i had my scaffold done because i liked the way it looked. i wanted my tongue done because at the time no one i knew had it done so i had it done to be unique. i also use the pain from piercings as a replacement for self-harm. same as stretching. if i cant et to a piercer i stretch for the pain rather than add to the scars on my arm, as i have over a hundred of those already.

    as for ink, i had 2 tattos done when a very close frind of mine passed away. i had one done on my eighteenth birthday. i had it done on my boob because id heard this was a very tender area to get tattooed. i wanted to experience the pain and just see what it felt like. there are some piercings that look really sexy on skinny people, like navels, and once ive lost the weight im going to get it done, kinda like a reward.

    i see my body as canvas, and i am the artist, and i have to fill it up. when i die i want to have my body stuffed and put on display in a museum. i want to influence small children to express themselves and not be afraid of nozt being normal.

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    well i like piercings because i find it as a way to express myself. I got my first lobe holes because they were the norm and every1 had them done. I had my pinna done coz it seemed cool nd different at the time, even though loads of my mates got it done tht day. I got my second holes done coz none of my friends had them at the time nd i guessed i wanted to seem better coz i had more.
    as for the piercings im getting am getting my lobes done 2ce more coz i think tht looks cool. and anouther pinna because i loved the feel of the first. my nose becase it seems like a sign of toughness, which i know im not. my lip coz i think it will look cool.....nd me mam hates it. nd my lobe streched coz it feels extreme. nd most of these piercings are more extreme than my friends would go so i guess i like the fact tht i will have more than them
    but the main reason i think i get nd want these piercings it because i wanna b different from the 'norm' nd i actually enjoy getting the funny looks 4 my clothes nd my hair, i guess i just HAVE 2 be different.
    decorate your body <3

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    As for me:

    1- The first pair of lobes: Had them when I was 2 MONTHS OLD!
    all the people I know pierce their baby girls

    2- second pair + a helix: because I wanted to! I was 9 or 10 years old, and not many kids had them, so I decided to do them to be special.

    3- I pierced my nose cuz I thought that it looks cute & mom encouraged me (She's a big fan of Indian movies.. probably that's why) :roll:

    4- I had 2 more Helixes all in one ear because I want to have more metals in my body and cuz I designed my ear to look like that ( I wanted 3 more, but there was no enough space)

    5- As for my labret, because I wanted it FOR AGES, but I didn't have the guts and mom didn't allow me, I convinced her (Actually.. forced my way) and did it! Why? no one I know have them, I like to be unique and I like when people stare and talk to me about my pierces.. so.. in another word "self satisfaction"

    I'll pierce my naval after tomorrow, cuz I think it looks sexy :twisted: and when I collect enough money (CUZ NOW I'M BROKE) I'll think of another place to pierce, because *simply* I want to!

    (It's really ironic: we PAY our ALLOWENCE to PEOPLE to stick NEEDLES through our bodies and SCAR us FOREVER) :mrgreen:
    Pierces (10) :
    Left ear: lobe (2)
    Right ear: lobes (2) - Helix (3)
    Labret (Right side)
    And an IRRITATING Navel :-(

    Helix (2)
    Nose (did it twice in the same week!)

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    I got my tongue, just for the fun of it, I liked it so I got more and more piercings, I only have my pa still, all others are gone, but why? I don't realy know, once you do once you get to like getting pierced and that's about it for me.

    Also, "I have a pa" worked well on quite a few girls 8)

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