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Thread: Tongue piercing on a singer w/a very stubby little tongue

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    Default Tongue piercing on a singer w/a very stubby little tongue

    Just to add another tongue thread to the heap...

    I've thought about getting my tongue pierced for years. I shyed away from it initially because I was in theatre and classical and folk music and every voice teacher I had said NO WAY it will impede your singing and clack against your teeth. I've got a friend who sings opera and she has hers done, just had it placed really far back.

    I have a really short tongue though, my web starts maybe an inch from the tip at most, so I assume I can't go any further back than that....or can it be place at an angle to the side of the webbing? Would that cause irritation to the webbing?

    I'm also concerned about it damaging the enamel on my teeth. I had a piercer once who had tons facial and body piercings and facial tattoos, but she said the one thing she would never have done was her tongue, for that reason.

    Experiences w/this? Particular from anyone who sings?

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    The only thing i would think would affect your singing is.
    The swelling giving you a slight lisp (sp?) i guess you could call it. But that's onyl for a couple days, mine barely swelled at all and didn't impair my speach in any way. My teeth are perfectly fine except for the fact i am constantly eating jolly ranchers at work.
    I've had mine for.... 4 years? i don't remember. I occasioanlly bite down on mine.. like once a month at most. but... i have acrilic balls on both ends.
    The most that will happen with acrilic balls is they'll break and you'll have to replace them.

    EDIT: it doesn't rub against my teeth in any way either, unless i purposely push it against them. Or am chewing food (but rarely even then)
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    My piercer told me the top ball rests on your sweet spot. (Mainly because it's the place on your tongue where a sweet sits when you suck it) He made me stick my tongue out, and then tilt the tip upwards. If you do that you might get a rough idea of where it would be pierced.
    It can also be pierced at the side of the webbing, mine was done like this. It's... maybe 0.5mm away from the webbing, and never rubs on it. Nor does it clang against my teeth.

    As long as its pierced in the right place, with the correct jewellery and you look after it there usually isn't any problems with this pierced in the long run. Most of the 'damage' is caused in the first two weeks with the long bar to be honest.
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    You can get them done at a wonk, so it's diagonal so it doesn't interfere with your tongue web. I'm not entirely sure though.

    For the chipping your teeth part, get PTFE balls. Acrilic balls will do but not til it's healed, and even then people have trouble with acrilic.
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