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Thread: Legalize it?

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    decriminalising means less petty crime and more control of potency etc.

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    unless you buy cheap alot of cases its alot better for your body than nicotine, alcohol and alot of medically prescribed drugs.
    Its a natural substance rather than something thats been manufactured. Unless, like i said, you have cheap stuff.....but if it were made legal....rules would have to be put in place as to the quality available, and because higher quality stuff would be that which is deemed legal, the price would come down. So you wouldnt get the cheap shit laced with loads of other bad stuff....

    There are things that people take into their bodies everyday that are far more poisonous than Marijuana

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    Alcohol is legal, I dont see why not....I don't smoke and I support it.

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    Type Finally Fox News tells the truth about marijuana into Youtube (I can't post links yet apparently) and it pretty much sums it up in a minute and a half, the real challenge however would be to change society's mindset.

    What a first post though...
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    I think legalising would be a very good option. It works perfectly for the Netherlands However, it has been 'legal' there for ages, whereas legalising soft drugs in a country where it has been illegal forever might cause some problems. I know pretty much everyone who wants to is using it anyways, but somehow the removal of the barrier might cause some people to overuse because it's allowed. However, I also believe that, as the case is in the Netherlands, it will simply not be as attractive to smoke weed. Seeing as it'll be legal and available to anyone, it's pretty much just as cool as smoking a cigarette or drinking some beer. You might not believe this would change something for people who like to use, but it really does. Or maybe it's just the Dutch mentality?

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    Not British but it's been legal here for ages and things run smoothly, never had any incidents or rise in crime or that crap they invent to keep it illegal in other countries.
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    Cannabis is a Class C drug in Holland. It's illegal yet tolerated. Cannabis is illegal globally. A few countries have decriminalized it as well as other drugs. In for instance Portugal, all drugs have been decriminalized. Something that was first feared has been hailed as a resounding success.

    You can thank the US (corporations) working through the UN for the prohibition on cannabis.
    "When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." - C.S. Lewis"

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    Ive never had any bad experiences with it. The only people to say to me they have had bad experiences with it is generally because they do it in a situation where there not comfortable and it makes them paranoid. but then again i've always seen the affect of drugs on the mind as something you can partially control. for example. i know its all in my mind therefore thats where it stays.

    and i agree with a few people on here. i've never seen a stoner go out and commit a crime or randomly start kicking someone in on the street because its a giggle... i know where i have though. nights out on the town where everyone is drunk.

    i personally think alcohol damages people and lives a lot more than canabis. even looking at the stats for it, more people die because of alcohol or because someone has got drunk (i.e. drunk driving, fights etc) than of smoking weed.

    a friend of mine was out in leeds and some random guy said "high 5!!" when my friend put his hand up for the high 5 he got smacked straight in the mouth, damaged a few teeth and had to have stitches in his lip. guess what? the guy was drunk...
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    nay, drugs are bad

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