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Weight loss is simply down to calories, create a deficit and you'll lose weight.

Doing it is a whole other ball game...
You're right there Boo,
In the last year (2018), my better half and I took the decision to make a stance against buying products wrapped or packaged in single use plastic. I know that sounds a bit off topic but it cut us back on buying an awful lot of convenience food products laced with excessive sugars and starches which increased our carbohydrate intake (more calories). The result surprised us as we slowly started to loose weight. Now buying most of our food from our local farm shop and butcher we very slowly adapted this further increasing protein to make us feel fuller and reducing consumption of potatoes, bread, pasta and rice by half. I have lost 1 1/2 stone and the wife has lost 3/4 stone. There hasn't been any increase in exercise either.
I am also a type1 diabetic (since age 4) and have always had reasonable control but this year, my annual review revealed the best blood results for many years. Even my cholesterol was down from 5 to 3.6.
Basically.... eat a little less junk, slowly cut back on carbs, find something that feels good but does not feel like a diet. A treat now and then is fine.

Never jeopardise your health and seek professional advice if you need.