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    As the other post on infected piercings got a bit silly I wasn't sure if anyone would read further down to my reply so I thought I'd start a new topic.

    People are too quick to jump to the conclusion that their piercing is infected. Yes it may be taking longer to heal than usual and it may not look very pretty, but a lot of the time piercing infection is confused with mere irritation. The signs to look out for with infection are swelling, redness, localised temperature (hot to the touch) , severe increased pain and pus (green thick pus not your usual white, clear or slightly yellow lymph or exudate).

    If a piercing is infected you must not remove it. The piercing hole must remain for the infection to drain away. If you thought your piercing was infected and you merely removed it only for it to get better then you are not dealing with a real microbial infection. The only way to get rid of an infection is antibiotics from a doctor. However doctors hate piercings and will ask you to remove it before giving someone with a truely infected piercing antibiotics. This is wrong. Piercings heal from the outside to the inside so if you remove jewellery, skin can heal over the hole to trap the infection inside which can lead to an abcess. In hospital if an operation wound gets infected the patient will be cut open and left to heal with an entirely open wound so that infection can't get trapped inside the body and do more damage later. The same rules should apply with piercings.

    If you think your piercing is infected but it doesn't have all/most of the symptoms I described above you more than likely have an irritated piercing. This could be from using improper jewellery, not cleaning enough or cleaning too often, using the wrong kind of cleaning solution, touching it with grubby hands, the piercing migrating or rejecting, or banging it while sleeping etc. Finding out what is causing the irritation is one of the first steps to fixing it and soaking the irritated piercing in warm slightly salted water for 5-10 mins a day can work wonders.

    Happy piercing!
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    Thanks for the information, this is fantastic to know.

    What's she gonna look like with a chimney on her?

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    Your fingers must hurt from typing so much.. lol
    Thanks for the info though
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