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    Hey guys,

    It was only a matter of time before this had to be done, indeed!

    We've had an overwhelming number of members submitting reviews to earn points with our reward scheme, however, please be aware that not all reviews are approved. We are implementing a review-duplicate system that will notify us of repeated information submitted to us, which will only serve to make this scheme fair for all customers.

    In addition to this, we would also urge you all to submit elaborate reviews as oppose to a sentence or two. Most one-liners are deleted, so you are much better off spending 3 minutes on a review than 10 seconds.

    Here is an example of an unacceptable review:

    I have a pair of these flesh tunnels, they are really comfortable and great value for money!

    Here is an example of a brilliant review:

    Sometimes I want something a bit more discreet in my ears, but stud earrings are over-priced, fall to bits and easily lost when the rubbish little butterflies bend and fall out in the bath, in the pool or when you're in bed.

    I found these barbells a perfect alternative. I had my latest lobe piercings for four or so years before I put in 1.2mm widths into them, so they were fairly flexible although there was a tiny amount of stretching. I'm not into the plugs thing and I still want the option to let my piercings be able to heal to a reasonable amount if I decide I don't want them in the future, so 1.2mm isn't a problem.

    Unlike butterflies, the balls stay on securely through any situation. I only just lost one last week, so its a good idea to have a couple spare (barely any cost at all!) and you can also use the more decorative balls on the outward-facing ends for a more decorative alternative.

    Here are a few things to help you consider when writing your review. Just to help you out if you're stuck. Feel free to reply with your own input, just to help each other out!
    • Was the item good value for money?
    • Was the item easy or difficult to fit?
    • Has this item been durable?
    • Do you wear this item long-term or for special occasions?
    • Have you preferred this item to any others? If not, which other product would you recommend?
    • How does the item look? (classy, discreet, unique, sleek, simple, detailed, bulky, expensive, cheap, bright, cute, masculine, feminine...)
    • Is this item comfortable to wear?
    • Is this item comfortable to sleep in?
    • Is this item easy or difficult to clean?
    • Do you prefer this material to any others? If not, which other material would you recommend?
    • Does this item have any disadvantages?
    Hope this helps you all!

    Kris x
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