This team has surprised me so much over the Euro qualifiers!

If somebody had said at the start, we'd be sitting top of the group that included the world cup winners, the world cup runners up and and one of the quarter finalists, along with Lithuania, who arent a bad team....i'd have laughed in your face and told you to get back in your cage!

Now having beaten France home and away, and on saturday beating the Ukraine 3-1 Scotland are actually looking at the possibility of qualifying from the group of death!

It still means possibly having to take at least a point off Italy and beating Georgia on Wednesday, but even if they don't qualify, I'll be dissapointed but still proud of what they have acheived!

I don't think a team has ever got more than 20 points in the qualifiers and not qualified...Scotland currently sit on 24!

Good luck to the boys on Wednesday!