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Thread: The New 2 Tattoo's Thread

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    Default The New 2 Tattoo's Thread

    Ok well, i thought id make a thread and hope alot of others like myself will pm me or even reply to this message to keep it updated, im gona try from my own perspective to write a reasonably detailed thread on your first tattoo / latest one but would like to know some hints and tricks.

    Why Get a Tattoo?

    Well most people who have tattoos get them for various reasons, mainly wanting to express themselves in a form of art which will always remain, like myself and i guess alot of others on this site, there tattoos mean something to them. a name? an Picture? a Place, everything has a meaning, so weather it be an angel or a devil you can be assured the majority have a special purpose for it!

    Some people may not have a special purpose or gain the lust for a tattoo for meaning, there need for this maybe the look of it! what is always suggested is that before you do go ahead and do it, be 200% sure that in 10,20,30 years time you will still appreiciate it as much as the day you got it!

    You Should not get a Tattoo if you are influenced / pressured by someone you know, as with piercings tattoos should really be thought about and you do need to be ready!

    Remember a Tattoo is for life, the way i see it is, its a baby, you have it, you care for it for a short period of time, and it will always be forever yours! so sit back relax and think "is this for me?"

    Getting your Tattoo and Choosing the right one!

    Ok first lets speak about choosing the right one. what i always suggest is find your own design, sure the tattoo shop will have some things you like, i suggest using that to compare to ones on the internet, or out of tattoo books which can be brought for a couple of pounds from most newsagents.

    The right tattoo is important, as i said in why get a tattoo, you need to be committed to what you want, i still do this today myself spending weeks reasearching the internet for a design i like. Recently i spent over 2 weeks looking at ambigram tattoos changing my mind all the time, i went from my first name Steve, to my surname, then angel and devil, and finally found the one i wanted, but as these are specialist designs n have to be brought i spent 2 days speaking with the designer of these tattoos!

    Ok now you have your design, the next important step is choosing the right Tattoo Artist and Shop, this is alot easier than choosing the right design, just ask people what there opinions are of this shop and ask to see the work he did, dont just look from a distance have a close look noone will say nothing :P and your reputation will not be damaged from almost kissing the same sex's bicepts/arms or whatever lol,

    One of the best ways tho to determine the work of a artist is to ask them if you can perhaps sit in the shop a few hours, most artists are more than happy if you explain your thinking about getting one. and you can view the work. the most important things to watch for are:

    1. Are the needles Sterilized? Look to see where he gets his needles from and where he puts them afterwards, some tattooists open new needles for everyone and even break them infront of you. Some sterilize the needles, to know if they do that just watch them drop the needles in the machine.
    2. Is he/she using gloves? Why do they need gloves i hear you ask?well before you have a tattoo they will have no gloves on just look at there hands check for open cuts, if there is ask them nicely to pop on a plaster. a tattoo is technically an open wound, so if no protective gloves are used and they do have a unprotected cut, they could potentially give u something more than a tattoo.
    3. Is the Shop Clean?This is something people never think about at the time, but just take a look, it doesnt matter if the front part is dirty as long as the room where the tattoos are being done is clean then its ok, as dont forget bacteria in an open wound can make it infected.
    Those are 3 of the main things i personally take notice of when getting inked, and you should too, when getting one.

    ok lets move on now to the Actual tattoo and what happens while your in that chair

    Time for the Needles!!! YAY lol

    Ok then your in waiting room you have picked the tattoo you want or have brought in your own design, your sitting in the chair in the reception nervously, the butterflys in your tummy, and then the dreaded "NEXT Please" you get scared a bit. Lol this is how it feels for most people new to tattoos, and hearing stories from friends or family the day before about this hurts like this and that dont help. Also if you do pass out from panicing dont worry every artist has had at least 1 person passing out, if your at a good place they will often give u a few minuites and sometimes make you a cup of tea!

    When you go in and tell him the design or provide the one you want he will then proceed to trace the design and prepare you.

    preperation involves
    1. Making sure you want this tattoo and are totally sure of it, if you have tattoos already this step is often bypassed as you have already been through this.
    2. if the area you want the tattoo in has hair they will shave it.
    3. Adding vasaline or a simular jelly/cream to the desired area of the tattoo
    4. Checking the exact place you want the design
    5. Gently placing down the traced image of the tattoo, and making the ink which was used to trace it is transferred on the skin.
    Ok after preparation it begins, they will get out the sterile needle and piece together the machine, peice together the machine???? yeah, they will connect the needle, and check it, add the power pins and make sure everything is working correctly

    firstly they do the outline of the tattoo, and will do each line in seperate segments depending on the lengh of it, the outline you do feel more than colouring, the outline as far as i remember is a thicker needle than the colour, it doesnt pierce the skin as far as people think, its only a few milometres!!! ive likened the sensation of this outline to someone pinching you and dragging the pinch along, you also get a warm sensation and feel each vibrate of the tattoo machine! Each tatooist will work in small parts and then wipe the area, this removes excess ink and spots of blood which may be appearing! also after moving from a specific area the tatooist often will add more vasaline over the area they have just done.

    The colouring.
    This is easy and hardly makes u blink, its a few smaller needles in a close bunch, usually tatooists move this needle in a circular motion while colouring as it makes areas much quicker than taking the needle out the skin every milometre, the same applys as above regarding cleaning after a certain area and also adding more vasaline. i liken the feeling form this one to something vibrating on the spot very fast, u may get the odd part where u do feel something, and im sure a bit of sweat in your eye hurts alot more.!!

    Ok now the tatoo is complete what happens? the artist cleans the tattoo again and your pretty much ready to go, they often will put a bit of kitchen role over it and tape it down, the main purpose of this is for slight bleeding, i recommend u leave it on half hour or so, so u can be sure the bleeding has stopped, then get it off, the best thing to do is let your tattoo brethe!!!


    Well tattoo care isnt hard, a washing machine is usually harder to follow if your a bloke who dont know how to use one lol.

    alot of the time aftercare varies it all depends on how the person who has had the tattoo feels. but the 1 thing which we all have to do is clean it, just use cold/ luke warm slightly soapy water and gently rinse. sometimes u will have pieces of colour come off, thats nothing to worry about thats usualy the blood which forms after having it done, tainted a little by the ink! Always dab the towel to dry, dont rub as you can irritate the tattoo and dont go Swimming!

    ok now you done that to help your tattoo or to soothe it a bit these are some of the things people use to help
    1. Tattoo Goo (Avail from most tattooshops)
    2. Preperation H (Piles Cream from every chemist)
    3. Bonjella ( yes i heard this form someone it soothes it nicely but the area does get a little sticky)
    4. Nappy cream (dont forget how sensitive babys bottoms get )
    5. Body lotion
    6. Butter creame
    The list is pretty much endless, the main purpose of each is to keep the skin hydrated and also soothe the area and wait for the scabs!!

    When your tattoo has scabbed do not pick it, because you are just opening the wound up again! and can lead to infection, and also colour loss of the tattoo. just leave it!!!! if you want to pick something then pick your nose! lol let it heal!

    My Tattoo Has Healed what cant i do?

    Well now that your tattoo has healed you can do anything you want, some places recommend dont do this and that, but its rubbish to be honest. just have fun and hope you like what you wanted!

    If you do not agree with some of the information i have posted then please pm me and i can ammend stuff, this post is mainly intended for people who are preparing for there first tattoo, so feedback from people with alot of tattoos is great, i will coontinue to edit this post for as long as new information is being provided!

    Ps vote it for sticky hassle a admin lol

    Take care and i hope this information will help you.
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    Deffinatly sticky!

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    Definitely worth a sticky.

    I also, personally, when looking at studios and tattooists, like to see that the tattooist can actually tattoo a straight line. Might be pedantic of me to say but seriously, if the tattooist can't even tattoo straight, then just get the hell out of there.
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    Yep. Sticky!

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