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Thread: job applications, working and stretched ears

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    Default job applications, working and stretched ears

    im just wondering, would a stretched ear piercing cause you to not get a job if its over a certains size?
    i think anything up to 6mm wouldent be looked upon toomuch but anything bigger would be

    has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing?

    Also.. How do you downsize ear stretchings. my friend want to go back to 11 from 15, is it possible?
    what do you need to do in order to do it?
    and ill downsize mine if it means hard work getting a good job
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    Depends what kind of job you are going for. I work in a shop and they're fine as long as its not tunnels or really large and obvious (I reckon over about 15 mm depending on the jewellery?) But in more professional jobs they tend to be more dad hires people for a bank and they don't want any obvious piercings and only very discrete earrings. That seems to be the same for most places. I guess it does depend on where you work and if you are going to be on view to the public though, and if your are willing to get rid of them or not. Whether the company officially has a policy on body mods or not, its probably safer at least for the interview to not have much on show unless you're going to say you don't want the job unless they accept them. Whether its fair or not getting a job is quite a lot on their first impression of you, and obviously a lot of people don't like that kind of thing!

    As for downsizing, just put in smaller plugs, kinda like reverse stretching.

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    Smaller plugs would fall out though, wouldn't they?

    Maybe just leave nothing in them, they would go back down after a while.

    But I haven't had any problems with stretching my ears, but then at the moment, they're quite small at 4mm. But I do want to go bigger, so we'll see. My hair covers them anyway.

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    I don't think it's too obvious if you wear BCR's. I wear BCR's and no one notices my ears are gauged. I think that if you wear tunnels or plugs then you can deffinetly tell. You can always do what my boyfriend did and just take them out for work and put them back in afterwards.

    As for the whole stretching thing I don't even think that will go back down very much.... I know it won't go back to normal size and I'm not sure if it'll go down to 11 but just leave the 15's out for a day or two and try putting an 11 in and see how it fits.
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    I work in Commercial Business Lending for a bank and have 10mm lobes. I have long hair so my stretches aren't glaringly obvious. One thing I would say at this size is that if I wear solid plugs (like the fimo ones) they just look like normal earrings, no-one would know they were stretches (wouldn't have thought the people I deal with come across stretched lobes much to be honest)

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    Some employers won't like any piercings at all, some don't mind. It's easier for girls to get away with it though - plugs tend to just look like large earrings until your ear shape actually starts to change, and long hair helps.

    You could either take them out completely and leave them to downsize, or take them out and put smaller plugs in gradually. You might have to leave them out overnight to let them tighten up before putting smaller plugs in though or they'll fall out probably.

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    i work in the food industry, constantly dealing with customers. i swear no one cares, sure the odd kid that comes in might get scared. I knew a guy at another branch who had multiple facial piercings, and i think he actually became a shift manager. Its not like its in the food, or anything. but yeah depend on where you work i guess...?
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    i used to work in a printing company, they where fine with piercings as long as the jewellery didnt hang down i aslo tryed to get a job at a food factory in the meat bit, they said piercings are fine as the hair net would cover them

    so i danno jobs when you dont see customers i guess

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    Anyone notice this is a really old thread ?
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    haha yeah just a bit...

    .. Anyway, I work for a multi-million pound public transport company in Brighton... and I have 51mm Lobes and a septum all of which are on show as I drive ^_^.. I guess I was just lucky
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