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Thread: navel piercing question its weird but plz help me if u can!

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    Default navel piercing question its weird but plz help me if u can!

    thanx to anyone who even attemps helping me here . Ok first off im not exactly "new" to the piercing scene ive been into body art for a lil while now n ive never even heard of the problem im having but yet its there , ive had my navel pierced 3 times .. 3 .. the 1st time was my first body piercing , and i thought it went rather well , until the 4th month rolled around and i noticed that the redness that was around the navel had not subsided , n it still hurt, it soon started being a jerk n was getting pussy n i had a small lump beside it . so i decided to ditch the piercing for now at least . it cleared up pretty fast, but i still had the little lump. a lil while after that i had used my navel ring as an earing n noticed that i was having a simmilar reaction to my hear hole (which ive had pierced since i was 6 months n never had a problem with) so i thought i was allergic to the titanium ( i know the rates n odd for that to be allergic to it) So anyways a few months later i got it pierced again , by the same piercing shop ( same place i got my nose done , which turned out fine) n simmilar thing happened ... then a few months ago i decided to get it done again ( i know some of u r thinking "yea smooth move X-LAX") but i figured hey i already have a bad scar , wont hurt to try again ... but this time i did it myself ( dont worry i have the right equipment n ive had education for simple piercings) n im glad to say im in the 5th month currently n the piercing itself is pretty much completly healed , n its fine , but i still have the lump beside it ... n recently it was full of what i thought was blood , n i decided to open it just a lil to see if i can clean that out a bit ... n now im not too sure what to think .... but ive had warts when i was really young .. n thats what i think this is ... does anyone know if u can get a wart like that ... or has anyone gotten one similar to this ??? ........... sry for the post being so long ( to anyone whos still reading ) ... any advice or comments r appresiated ... THANX PPL !!!

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    Goodness...erm, i had a lump on my navel piercing before which i thought would go with hot soaks, but it never. After having gone back to my piercer i found out it was actually like a blister type thing filled with it could be that, but this is me just thinking off the top of my head.

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    yeah i had somthing like that it was kinda wierd but it popped by accident and it just turned out fine after that so i dont think its owt really bad...just clean it with salt water
    and it should be ok


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    thanx for the msgs , well the thing is its been "poped" many times ... n its not just puss or any liquid inside ... at 1st i thought it was like a fatty tissue kinda thing . but i soon changed that thought when it started to pull out stringy-ish , thats why i thought it might have been a wart from maybe the piercer at the time that just didnt go away , also salt water is all i use , peroxide n rubbing alcohol isnt good to use because it doesnt do a proper job , yes it cleans really well but they both kill new cells from forming n then delays healing in some cases , sea-salt is all i use , unless i need a thouro but quick clean

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