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    All new products can be viewed from our Front Home Page.

    Most of our Titanium range is available in 5 Metal Colours. Some pieces like the Rattlebells, the 3mm, 4mm, 5mm Flesh tunnels, and the larger gauge jewellery is only available TiGlow. If you would like any of these pieces in another colour please contact us, and we will anodize the pieces for you. There are 4 colours to choose from. Purple, Green, Light Blue and Blue.

    Please send an e-mail to after placing your order, stating which piece you would like anodised, the colour you require, and your order number. This service takes 7-10 days, and costs 8.00 per piece. When using this service payment will be taken separately from your credit card, (all cash/cheque/transfer needs to be paid in advance) payment will be only taken once the item is despatched.

    Flesh Tone Silicon Tunnels now in stock. Available in 8mm, 10, and 12mm

    Silicon Tunnels now in stock. Available in three Colours and sizes 6mm - 16mm

    Titanium Barbells now available in 1.6 x 18mm and 20mm, with a 5mm Ball

    Steel Flesh Tunnels now available in sizes up to 30mm

    Blackline Threaded Balls now available in a 3mm ball, for a 16mm Thread

    Titanium MicroBars now available with a 4mm Ball
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    I have a question. I'm from the states and I saw this body jewelry in skin deep, and I loved it ALOT I can't find plugs as cool as these anywhere, but I ran into a little problem. When I was checking the plugs out I have a choice between 6mm 4mm 2mm and so on...are they the same as gauges like a 6g 4g and so on or what? My ear are gauged to a 0g so if so that kinda sucks because now I'm stuck with crappy ugly plugs. Thanks for any info you can give me It'll be much appreciated.


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    0ga is the same as 8mm ... hope that helps.

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