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    I heard Acrylic balls are bad for new toungue piercings and well....... thats what my piercier used on my barbells!!!!! I have metal balls,but they are not on the barbell should i change them? i have had the plastic ones one for like 3 days is that really dangerous? Damn i hate the piercer i went to!!!!

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    Also i have a retainer i bought that i think is also Acrylic so is that also bad for fresh piercings? cuase it is an appsolute must that i wear my retainer around my grandparents!!! they would freak out if they knew i had my toungue pierced!!!! Is it ok if I only wear the retainer for like 8 hours or is that to long? Damn y the #$%# do they sell stuff bad for your'e piercings!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :evil:

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    Yes, acrylic is bad for fresh piercings and shouldn't even be used in healed piercings for long periods of time.
    Are you sure the retainer and the barbell bar are definately acrylic. They're not PTFE?

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    no the barbell isn't acrylic but the balls on it are. And i am not POSITIVE that the retainer is but i saw one just like it on this site and it is acrylic.

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    I really dont think it is PTFE cuase it is not flexable!!!

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