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  1. Little thin skin came out of earlobe hole?

    Got this earlobe done a little over a month ago and today I took the earring out, but this little piece of skin also came out. At first I thought it was lymph so I pulled at it and that's why it has...
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    Horizontal vs. vertical tattoo

    Would a horizontal or a vertical tattoo look better on my upper inner arm, above my big forearm tattoo?
    (those are just examples)
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    Red, sore, swollen tattoo

    I got my first tattoo yesterday, but I'm starting to worry because it's super red, it hurts like hell (mostly when I touch it) and my entire forearm is swollen (the veins in my wrist are...
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    Industrial piercing stopped hurting

    Is that normal?
    I had it done one week ago and it hurt like hell all the time, even without touching it. You know how it feels when your heart beats really fast? That's what I felt in my ear, but...
  5. What happens if you don't clean your piercing with the saline solution?

    Or if you clean it, but only with water?
    Just curious.
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    Bruised & swollen ear piercing
    Two days ago I impulsively pierced my ear with a safety pin which I had run through an open flame beforehand and yes, I know it doesn't sterilize the needle enough.
  7. Painful bump on the back of ear piercing - How to get rid of it? PLEASE HELP

    So, I have bump on the back of my ear piercing and it's nothing like the bumps I've had before. Those bumps that I've had before were small and filled with pus and they eventually went away with...
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