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  1. Want to get inner labia pierced - advice please?

    I'm hardly a 'hardcore piercing' kind of person - I have my lobes done (gunned at Claire's when I was about 11), my helix and my tragus, and that's the lot. I'm also planning on getting a rook...
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    BCR - wear in?

    So I've been trying to learn to fasten a BCR.

    I managed to do it a few times with pliers by holding the bead in the pliers on the desk with the dots horizontal, putting one end of the rind in and...
  3. Waiting between piercings on opposite ears?

    I got my helix done at the end of July, so it's now 8 months old. I had it gunned (yes I knew better, and I've sorted out a different studio to go to next time). After 8 weeks, I changed the 1.2mm...
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