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  • Ideas for dedication sleeve

    My grandfather has been one of the biggest influences in my life, and I wanted to get a half-sleeve to honor him. With that being said, I don't really want a portrait of him. Has anyone else done something similar?

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    Hmm... what about gathering together your most precious moments with him? Just questions to ask yourself (you don't need to answer them here) - What did those moments involve? What did you notice the most at those times? What sort of things mean the most to your grandfather? Using symbolism can be a great idea as far as artwork goes for a dedication sleeve. You can even have a sort of time frame sleeve - starting at the top your earliest moments going down to the most recent or something like that.


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      I got some tattoos similar to the ones on my dads hands in memory of him.


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        That is great advice, thank you! I really like the idea of a timeline--what a great idea!


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          That is interesting Hazel. A funny note, my grandfather thinks most tattoos are trashy, so I'm also trying to convince him that's not the case for all of them