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  • Stomach tattoos

    Hi folks,
    Does anyone know of any design suitable for covering op scars on lower stomach area? My lovely wife is thinking of having one done. Thank, in anticipation, Cardriver.

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    It would depend on the scars, their position, age, how they have healed etc. Also depends on the artist, their skill, what ink/machine they use etc etc.

    It would really be best for her to pop in and see someone in person. Obviously she wouldn't want anything extremely detailed as it may blur somewhat but again without examining in person it's very hard to know.


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      Thanks Hazel, I think that's what we'll do, she used MBA for a tattoo last year, so she can contact the artist for a meeting to discuss it. Keep up the good work, Cardriver.


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        No problem, best thing for her to do is make sure she goes to an artist who excels in the style of tattoo she's fond of and then take it from there.


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          I have around 12 smallish scars on my stomach due to a couple of surgeries. I am tattooed from my collar bones down to my belly button and unless you were searching for the scars you'd never know they where there.