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    Can't see the pic, you'll have to upload it to an image hosting site and post the link or paste it here.


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      [IMG]foot 1[/IMG]
      [IMG]foot 2[/IMG]

      Hopefully this will work cause I can't remember how I managed to upload the pics last time xD This is my foot brand as it looks today, (counts on fingers) six years later. Just in case the pics don't work, the scar is still (at least roughly) heart shaped with no blurring that I've noticed, its still flat to the touch (instead of a raised scar) and looks reasonably uniform in colour and thickness, although there's pretty much no colour variation between the scar and the normal skin making it quite hard to pick out on a photo. The main difference is the texture between the two- the heart is more smooth to the touch than my sandpapery soles xD Looking back through the thread being a bit older and somewhat wiser I would like to slap my younger self for taking such a daft risk lol, I wanna reiterate again that I was completely ignorant about the aftercare or healing process of a brand in general, downright idiotic regarding the placement and didn't make a single concession towards cleanliness, let alone sterility, and was extremely lucky not to develop a raging infection! I would never endorse anyone trying this themselves, but having said that I did end up with a surprisingly good result considering how awkward the placement was and the constant aggravation of walking on it daily. I'm wryly fond of my 'invisible mod' as a reminder not to jump off the into the deep end of modification without due consideration and research!


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        https ://

        hopefully this should work?
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          I can see the pic - not sure if others can as sometimes the pictures can only be seen by other flickr users.

          It really is barely visible - I had to look back through the thread to see that it was a heart before I saw it.

          You have an impressive list of piercings - would love to see a pic!


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            ah okay lol i will put a pic of the brand on my profile if anyone else is interested in seeing it, there's a few pics of the rest of my piercings on there too Yeah the brand is pretty much impossible to see on a photo lol its really only visible in person or if you know what to look for, to be honest i'm impressed its still there at all after all this time :P


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              Love all your piercings - sometimes I feel alone having so many in my face.

              You should post a pic in the "pictures of you" thread