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  • Originally posted by Belle.T View Post
    I love this thread since last posting I've given up riding at the stables that I've been at for yeeears and finally gotten myself a lovely loan horse- a 28 yo 14.2hh arab called Tocky. Despite her age, she's an ex endurance horse and is one of the craziest I've ridden in years! Started jumping her last weekend, i'll try and get a pic or 2 up soon. Love everyones photos
    Mines a 28yo three quarter Arabian, and she's as loopy as me!!


    • I used to have a horse on loan, well it was only for a month. But she was a 4 year old 3/4 cob, 1/4 thoroughbred.
      The woman we were getting it off was all like "oh once you say you want her she's yours" and then went and bloody sold her :/.
      I've been riding for 8 years .


      • This hasn't been posted in for a while - but thought I'd join anyhow!
        I've been riding for 10years, rode at a riding school for 3 years aged 7-10 and at 10 got my own little 12.2hh coloured mare. I outgrew her so sold her on and got a 13.2hh - however we never clicked and I became scared of her so I had the opportunity to ride for some local dealers. They gave me the quiet ones to exercise until my confidence was back, then I was pretty much chucked on anything and everything :P

        currently own my own who I've had for 3 years - 15hh pure bred grey connemara gelding, named Luke (yes, his original owners DID name him after luke skywalker...)


        • i own a 2 year old warmblood mare that im hoping to compete 3 day eventing when shes old enough but iv worked on hunting yards and riding schools since i was 16


          • I owned horses from the time I was in 4th grade up until about a year ago. My latest one, Rocky, a Thoroughbred, is basically like my child and it was so hard to let him go, but my parents were paying for him and just couldn't do it anymore between my apartment, school, and so on. :( We donated him to a therapeutic riding program for children with learning disabilities and he's about 15 minutes down the road from my house, so I still can go see him whenever I want. I can read him like a book having owned him for 5 years, and I can tell he's extremely happy there, so I'm happy too.

            As a kid I did a lot of different things--mainly 4H, hunter under saddle, Dressage, and Western Pleasure, but also did in-hand classes and a bit of jumping. Once I got to high school I focused on competing with Rocky in Dressage up until I donated him, and we were quite the pair if I may say so . I'm hoping that once I finish school and get a good job, I can get a new horse and go back to competing, which I miss terribly.


            • Loving this thread

              I got my first pony when I was 8 and have had 3 horses of my own and 2 loaners since then. I currently loan a 100% purebred Oldenburg (is that the word?). Big black horsie which is gentle as a lamb, but sometimes can act a bit silly even though he's turning 21 this month.
              I'm a dressage rider, have always done dressage and do compete when I have the chance. I do enjoy a bit of jumping as well, but mostly to shake up the daily training a bit. Hopefully in a few years I will be able to get a horse of my own again. I have a goal of getting to ride some of the higher levels within dressage (Have no idea what they're called in english), so hopefully I will achieve that one day.