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  • Horse riding

    I know a few people on here horse ride.

    I was just wondering if anyone does competitions, and if they do, what sort of competitions (i.e. hunter, 3 day etc).

    Or maybe you just ride for pleasure, tell us about what you like to do, the highest you have done show jumping or something.

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    I used to ride a lot and do showjumping. Expensive hobby though.
    I worked at a show jumping yard not long ago. Mia Korenika's. Last years comic relief did Only Fools On Horses, and she was a trainer in that. I worked really hard for nothing much so I stopped.


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      I used to own horses, and I've worked on livery yards and on an event yard. Did horse management at college, until I left due to illness and started at the event yard. Personally I'm more into dressage. Sold my last horse Kaifoon [lovely dark bay ex racehorse] about 4-5yrs ago and I really miss him. Before him I loaned a 12hh welsh mountain mare and then a 3/4 arab gelding. Not had much contact with horses although I decided to take up lessons again a few months ago. My car died recently though, so I've had to put it on hold.


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        Well, ive had 4 horses in the past. Used to do pony club and small events on my first two (12.2hh Welsh gielding, 5yrs old and 14.1 Highland Mare, 10yrs old)
        My third horse suffered from slight arthiritis so couldnt do much in terms of competitions on her but i would jump about 3' on her at home (16.3 ThroughbredxIrish Draught, 14yrs)
        My last horse I done the most on (16.2 HanovarianxThroughbred) we competed locally at about 3'3, in all 3 disciplines (x-country, show jumping and dressage) and i never took her away without being placed =D. Also done some working hunter classes on her too. She was a bit too hyper for that tho and always got marked down for being too 'bouncy!' The biggest fence i jumped on her was 120cm..i was terrified!
        I really miss not having horses now =(


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          i've ridden for a few years. i live nextdoor to the stables and can go round when i want so i never felt the need for my own horse. i'm not really into the competition side, i just do it for fun. jumped 3ft ish. i'm a laid back horse lover


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            I currently 4 way lease a beautiful TB liver chestnut gelding called Marco. I havr to give him up in a week or so for school, but I have already found my next horse lease!

            With Marco, I think we did a total of 8 small competitions (1 day eventing, Hunter, dressage and 1 showjumping). In the showjumping I was placed 2nd, in the 2 dressage only shows, I was placed 1st and 3rd, in the 3 hunter shows I was placed 1st in 2 and 4th in one (no idea what happened there, just had better competition I suppose) and in the 2 1 day events I have done (that's a 3 day event just squished into 1 day) I came 2nd and 3rd. So we have done pretty well.

            The horse that i am currently looking at to lease is a horse called Galaxy (yeah, not really original) a dark bay TBXHanoverian gelding at a whopping 17.3hh. I'm going for a 'test ride' on the 17th September.


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              ThroughbredxHanoverain FTW!!!

              But at 17.3 for me thats just too big. I used to ride a 17.2 and it was just impossible to get him gathered up and get him into a nice outline, the back and front went at different times! And he was a bugger to stop!

              Ive been helping to school a 14.2 pure bred Halflinger through the summer (when i go home) and he is sooo sweet! Not my usual cup of tea when it comes to breeds but he is just so well mannered compared to most 4 year olds! However bend just doesnt seem to work well with him!


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                Well Marco who I am leaving, is 16.3hh, and I have always had big horses. When I worked at the stables, I had to exercise Stan, who was 17.2hh, and I could control him easily. And last summer I leased a horse called Iepo and he was 17.1hh/17.2hh. So I'm used to my big geldings!

                I get what you mean about the odd rhythm, I didn't get it to much with Iepo or Marco, but Stan didn't want to work at the same time, his trot was often so bumpy because he wasn't moving in rhythm, that I would be bounced right out of the saddle and stirrups. I just pulled him on a very short rein and he seemed to get more in time with himself.

                You must admit, big horses have the most BEAUTIFUL extended trot.

                Halflingers, I hate those ponies, sorry, but I have seen 4 kids (all under 10) thrown in my life, what were they all riding? Halflingers. They are just too tempremental a breed (from what I've seen) to be used at a riding school. They are very b**chy horses.


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                  Aaahhh....nah i swear this halflinger is the most genuine and honest horse i ever known. He has a hell of a lot of strength in him but doesnt use it to his own advantage, hes just adorable!! But his little 13hh halflinger friend is a little shi*te and is very tempremental! I think we have been lucky with the big guy tho! =D

                  My last horse philly had the most amazing extended trot in the world, felt like you were flying on her!!

                  Do you have any pics of your horses?


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                    I should have a picture of Marco somewhere, maybe one of me on him.
                    I'll have a glance.

                    I'll get you pictures of the new horse I'm looking at, the owner emailed me some.


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                      This are the pictures I got sent by Galaxy's owner. Apparently they are quite old, from when he was about 8, he is now 10.

                      I'm not quite sure how high that jump is, but I know he can jump 4ft+! He is a very pretty boy, and gets quite dark in the winter. I like dark horses.

                      I don't think you can really see the Hanoverian in him, but he has a very dignified sports horse look about him.


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                        Awww...he looks lovely!!! I will look for photos of philly to show you! I think she had the hanoverian look about her!


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                          One day, I will get a pure Hanoverian, with that gorgeous Havoverian stance.


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                            Beautiful Horse!!

                            I've ridden off & on thoughout childhood & occassionaly as an adult...Now I volunteer with a group that conducts hippotherapy! Some of the kids are very stunted developmentally & sometimes seem terrified, but to see the excitement in their eyes makes it all worth the effort that I put into it.


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                              I have a purebred Crabbet Arab, bought her at 4 days, took her home at 6 months, backed her myself and she's now 10. The idea was for me to do endurance, and though sadly she's up for it, I didnt take into account that I wasnt...She gets ridden regularly, but its not the same somehow... I also have a 29 year old rescue Arab/new forest, and Rain and Reiyuu keep their two horses on my land too... So I have 4 in all..I hate winter when they all come in