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One full year!

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  • One full year!

    I can't believe it has been a year since any discussion about a meet!

    I miss the good old days when we had a run of Glasgow meets.

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    I've been so busy and suggested people arrange their own but it never happened. The last one I tried to arrange just fizzled out with not many people showing interest or people not wanting to have it in Manchester. I'm not sure I'd even manage one myself this year, it's another manic one for me.


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      Funny story...
      I was actually thinking of setting up a Glasgow/Edinburgh meet as hoping to head down for a few days around mid July (depending on work) the only thing that's been stopping me is the last Glasgow meet consisted of 2 people (3 including me) and I'm a little leery of setting up another one of no-one's going to bother showing :/ you get me?
      But you know if there's a semi decent show of Ayes then I'll organise one
      Also it's been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything, still check the threads every so often though I just don't post quite as much :/


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        I've been away from Glasgow for over 4 years now (and this site for almost as long), but I agree - our regular Glasgow meets were always good fun!


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          I'd be up for a Glasgow meet, depending on date.

          PA Dude - maybe next time you are back in Glasgow?