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    So, given that the topic that started in the general relationship thread got deleted, do people care to share their thoughts and views on the subject of parenthood here in this thread??

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    Some years ago, I was adament that I didn't want kids. Absolutely against the whole idea. That was when I was focused on "career mode".

    Now that's all gone to sh!t, I've had some time to re-evaluate my life, and I can honestly say now that I would like kids in the future. Not ready yet, but maybe in a couple of years.

    Then, I remember that they grow into teenagers... argh...


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      Originally posted by Rubycherry View Post
      Some years ago, I was adament that I didn't want kids. Absolutely against the whole idea. That was when I was focused on "career mode".

      Now that's all gone to sh!t, I've had some time to re-evaluate my life, and I can honestly say now that I would like kids in the future. Not ready yet, but maybe in a couple of years.

      Then, I remember that they grow into teenagers... argh...
      I was very similar, didn't want kids didn't like babies at all, thought of vomit and poo made me gag but it's like something clicked in me. I want to be a mum and ideally I want three kids. I turn to mush when I see a cute child. Like the 5 year old boy on the microsoft advert I just want to steal him with his little cheeky face! And his rabbit called sausage.

      I don't worry about how things would be when they hit the teenage years I can only do my best at the end of the day. My parents did well with me and my brother we didn't rebel too much so I plan to follow by example and just wish when the time comes.


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        When I was a teenager I was undecided. I made the decision that I'd only have children if I really wanted them because so many people just have kids because they feel like they should because it's what everyone does. To me that's not a reason, you should want kids or not have them at all. I've always been great with kids, they tend to love me and I tend to get on well with them but this still didn't seem like reason enough.

        When my niece was born I realised that I frigging love kids. I want like 5 of them or something mental like that. I love the whole big family thing and I can't wait to have a messy noisy house full of little ones. I've got good genes I want to pass onto the next generation, I'm good with children, I know I'll do my best by them and I want to bring up little children and see them turn into brilliant adults. I'm planning on waiting a few years until I'm financially stable and my relationship is nice and stable and has been for years. Then I'll start bringing a horde of sproglets onto this planet. Can't wait.


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          I think I will have a child/children one day - I don't have a set plan of where/when, I'd rather just "let it happen" for the time being, though perhaps when I'm older I may actively want a baby.

          This was a bit of a revelation to me, as when I was younger I was completely put off by children - couldn't hold a baby, wouldn't babysit for anyone I knew (though If they had any sense of protection for their child they wouldn't have asked me anyway :P)and swore I'd have an abortion if I fell pregnant. I know, for my part, this was just immaturity and youth in hindsight. I always thought those girls and women who coo over babies and who have strong maternal instincts were completely mad, and a bit gross. Now, although I'll admit I'm certainly not baby mad, and in no rush whatsoever for a baby at 22, I'd love to have one in my 30s. I can't imagine how proud of my baby I'd be if it was taking its first steps, speaking its first words, not to mention growing into a fully humanoid child-being!

          In short - I don't think I'll ever be immersed in baby-fever, and I won't have a bunch of them, but I'd like to contribute my part into making another being. The thought's actually pretty fascinating now, instead of terrifying.
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            I don't want kids cause I don't really like children, they're expencive, they're trouble, they annoy me & I don't think I want that responsibility ever. Other than that theres the point that I don't really want my kids living in a world that isn't really going to last much longer & especially one as violent as this.
            I much prefer non-human animals. they're easier to live with & care for & they're cheaper & more interesting to look after. to me anyway ehnce me studying animal care/management at college. Give me an animal & I know exactly how to look after it. Give me a human child & I wouldn't have a clue.


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              I don't dislike children. I will never have my own children. I don't believe that with the world the way it is now that it's fair to bring a child into it. Personally I think the human race is going to face a huge shift, and very testing times that will either wipe us out or alter our way of living distractly in my life time; and I would consider myself very selfish to bring a child into that.

              Also, I want to experience my own life without the tie of children in it. I wish to travel, and live in uninhibited for as long as I possibly can. People will tell me that I can do that with kids in my life I'm sure, but I just don't agree.

              I suppose my final reason is just simply that I do not want to be a mother. The concept and idea of being pregnant repulses me. The idea of raising a child is not in the least attractive to me. I would consider it a massive hinderance and burden on my life, so I am NOT someone who should have children.

              I think there's too many kids out there who need good parenting and never get it. I would not be able to live without myself if I produced another one. Some people might not think that it's their responsibility to look after these unwanted/uncared for children because they aren't theirs and it's not their fault - but I think that it is the responsiblity of everyone to help the helpless. For me, the only livable scenario, would be adoption when I am much much older (i.e. old enough to be a grandmother)- but I'm not sure I see that happening either.


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                Cut and pasted from the other thread:

                "The human race will benefit from my failure to reproduce. I have too many defective genes, and it would be cruel to inflict them on my offspring. Furthermore, I believe it would be cruel to bring a child into a world this greedy, corrupt and prejudiced.

                ... Although this is just my belief and I have no problem with anyone that wants children...
                (As long as they keep the kids away from me when they're shrieking )

                I think there are plenty of people who shouldn't be allowed to have a family... I have my doubts that I'd ever make a good mother, and therefore it would be selfish and ill-conceived for me to try. As the unstable, self-centred, attention-seeking, asexual headf*** that I am...

                When I was a pre-teen, my mother once told me never to have any children incase they turned out like me. When I was a pre-teen, I decided that I'd never have children incase I treated them like she had."


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                  At the moment, I can't imagine ever getting pregnant or giving birth. Children scare me, a lot. The thought of being pregnant or giving birth scares me even more. In the future if I did want children, I think I'd much rather adopt or foster.


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                    I want kids sometime in the future lol obv not to soon haha but would have to live somewhere like where i live now nice and quiet cant be dealing with big citys and kids that will kill you for a lolly also i think it would be good to adopt then i can keep my mrs in tact lmao there's already to many children in this world no point in bringing in another one.


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                      *holds knife to Ollie*

                      hand over the


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                        see what i meen even the internet isnt safe in our day and age against these youths


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                          I never used to care too much, until I doctor told me getting pregnant in the future could be an issue.

                          Now I cant wait until I have kids! I got attached to my electronic baby so much I cried when I had to give her back. I cant imagine living my life without children and cant wait to be a mum


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                            Not remotely interested to be honest. Sounds harsh but, I've got my life to focus on, and I don't want anyone to carry on my name, take care of me when I'm older, see grow up etc, anything like that.

                            The problem is, I'm too....I know what I like, I know what I wanna do, and I know how I want my life to go, and so far everything seems to be going the way I'm planning, so for that to be thrown out of the window for a sprog? Na, not for me.

                            This would likely be more of an issue if I could get a girl for the life of me, however seen as though the opposite sex treat me like a leper, I think I'm safe from any "accidents" which would change this


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                              I never wanted kids but fate decided otherwise, even with taking full precautions (a split condom and two yes two morning after pills) i have a 12 yr old son and now my wife who was on the pill is expecting my second in December!! I would nt change things though, kids remove a lot of options in your life but they also make you view yourself and the world in a very different light so swings and roundabouts really.