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  • I think cannabis should be legal everywhere, at least for adults. Most views of it being a gateway drug and such are antiquated and have been disproven, and cannabis is a natural medicine almost free of side effects. I would much rather everyone be smoking marijuana than giving into big pharma and dealing with the awful things that come with prescription medications.


    • I think that you should have a choice if you want it or not. - I would have never even had said this years ago. Then I got long term ill and can be in a lot of pain all day long. I also have Vertigo (for over 20 years) that no one can do anything about. So yes, I would have to think about it if it was on offer!


      • Something I have been thinking about recently.

        I'm dead against illegal drugs. I think their eradication is only a positive thing on a multitude of fronts.

        Rather than trying to use the legal system to deal with it (which isn't working and costs a fortune) I think there is a better way.

        The government could easily introduce random drug testing for all public sector employees. Any employee found positive should be offered help then subjected to regular non-random testing for a period. If caught again fired. Most value their employment so won't risk taking drugs. As 17% of the working population is public sector this will reduce drug use significantly (easily >10%) In addition, this could be applied to others - such as those on benefits. I'm for benefits for those who need it but don't want to see my tax money being used for drugs.

        I think that private sector employees should be encouraged to do the same, perhaps offered tax incentives to do so.

        The costs of this would be more than outweighed by the benefits.

        Doing this would largely remove the entire recreational drug market, if there was no recreational drug market then the whole drug market would largely collapse, drugs would be hard to obtain and the drug problem would be over.

        Oh - and I totally agree with the whole alcohol is really bad argument as well but that is a much harder nut to crack... Although I guess drink testing could also be done with the above. Anyone turning up over the limit to work shouldn't be at work.
        And, I'm talking illegal drugs here. I have no problems with cannabis etc as a prescribed medication.



        • Interesting idea yv, what would you do with the people who are addicted and end up fired and/or unable to claim benefits due to drug use?

          As for the original poll, I'm undecided. I'd definitely legalise all drugs if people could obtain and take them without hurting anyone else but since they do cause so much trouble I don't know what the best solution would be.


          • They would be offered help to get off drugs.

            There is no point in giving drug addicts on benefits money. They should be given a roof over their heads, clothes, food and other essentials. Give them money for anything and they will likely spend it on drugs. Why not give them a food delivery instead?

            As for employed people - nobody should be under the influence of anything at their job.


            • It's absolutley everywhere anyway. I bought cannabis for the first time when I was 13 years old. I didn't buy an alcohoic drink until I was 17 (and could get away without being ID'd).

              Take the money from gangs, legalise it and tax it.

              My personal opinion