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  • Originally posted by MxSherwood89 View Post
    So, 6 months later, apparently this is STILL a thing. It's ridiculous, I've just started a new job, I should be excited but all I can think about every time I leave the house is him getting off to other women. The girls in work can see I'm not happy about something but I can't tell them because frankly it's just embarrassing. And judging by his internet history he's even been looking at it when I was in the damn house, like WTF?

    I know a lot of people don't care if their partners watch porn but in the last few months I've been lucky if he even gives me a hug. Genuinely believe he doesn't want me anymore and it's killing me.

    Been there, although not porn per say, it was women though, first it was he had women in undies on his computer, then he had a load of page three pics hidden and secretly bought a lads mag and hid it, one of the most recent is I caught him masturbating over someone's bum on youtube and there's been stuff in between such as secretly looking at my Ann summers catalog, watching channels with half naked women on when I'm out of the room and quickly switching channels when I come in and when he was on a forum he sat and looked through a thread that was literally filled with half naked women while I sat and cried beside him

    its broken me, took every bit if confidence I have
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    • Originally posted by HarleyQuinn7 View Post
      ....he sat and looked through a thread that was literally filled with half naked women while I sat and cried beside him.
      You realise that's actually abusive behaviour right?

      I'm absolutely sickened for you!!

      If someone did that to me they'd be out the door so fast their feet wouldn't touch the ground.


      • Think me and my boyfriend will be breaking up soon.


        • Originally posted by ThatPsycho View Post
          Think me and my boyfriend will be breaking up soon.
          Me too! :( hope you're okay and if you ever need a chat I'm here ��


          • Originally posted by Gorgo View Post
            Me too! :( hope you're okay and if you ever need a chat I'm here ��
            Thanks, I broke up with him on Monday. I'm very happy about being single now (I wasn't ready for a relationship and he wasn't right for me), but I do feel quite bad about what happened and how much I must have hurt him. I hope you're okay as well and I'm also here if you need to talk.


            • I should have posted on here sooner.. ^^' But anyhow~
              a couple of months ago I met a guy from my school that I like. Told one of my friends, she just knew there was something going on she can read me like an open book XD. After school we decided to go to a pub that is 15 minutes away from our school. The friend who I told I liked the guy was there as was the guy in question and another friend of ours. It is a really nice irish pub and it serves strongbow, which for you people who don't know the netherlands... It is very rare to get strongbow, or any other decent cider, in here. So ever since I found out that it serves strongbow it has been my favourite pub XD
              Anyhow who sat there with the four of us just having a great time and enjoying ourselves. Then after a while my friend just said: "You two guys should date sometime!" She was ofcourse talking about that guy and me. At first I didn't know what to say and just looked at the guy. Then I just said: "yeah I'm up for it. Why not?". Then immediatly the other guy also agreed. I can't tell you how high my hert jumped but damn.

              The next week was our first date and a week after that we decided to just go ahead and make it official. Tomorrow we will be together for 6 weeks.


              • Aww that's lovely

                However, as someone that lives in the heart of Cider-land, I did feel severe levels of full blown body disappointment when reading that you grouped Strongbow with "decent Cider".

                If you're ever in the UK gimme a call and I'll introduce you to the proper stuff


                • Thanks ^^ Also I stand corrected... It won't be 6 weeks tomorrow. It will be 5 weeks.. (oeps..)

                  Haha sorry~~ I know strongbow isn't the best out there. But here in the netherlands there is just one other type of cider. And that one is called Jillz. They advertise Jillz as apple cider. Well... I don't know what it is but it definetly isn't apple cider!! So given that my choice over here is either strongbow or that horrible stuff named Jillz.... Well I have to say that strongbow is the decent one :P

                  However I do know that in the UK there are a lot more and a lot better brands of cider. I have tasted a few already, can't remember the names though..
                  And sure, anytime I usually go over to the UK at least twice a year. Sometimes 3-4 times.


                  • Yeah I always find it so hard while on mainland to find anything to drink :\ I've tried really hard but I just can't learn to like beer, and I'll only have the odd glass of wine with a meal.
                    I've had "Apple Cider" at festivals in Croatia, Portugal and Germany,.. basically tasted like extra sugary fizzy apple flavour kiddy drink :( I realld do feel for you, and I'd agree Strongbow is the best of that bunch :P

                    I love the proper still Cider A lot of pubs here cut you off after 2 pints if they don't know you :P They're proper meaty and strong as anything! Gurt lush


                    • I'm exactly the same! I hate the taste of beer and hardly ever drink wine. I am really more of the cocktails and the strong liquor. Like whisky, vodka and rum. And then I tried Cider
                      And yeah that kiddy drink is basicly what Jillz is. So between that and strongbow? Easy choice XD

                      Hhmm... 2 pints would be to soon though :/ I had 7 pints of strongbow one evening after school (we went to the pub around 15:30) the first two were on an empty stomach. I did feel those in the end ^^' I'm sure I could manage more than 2 of that if I ate something before. Soo... X3


                      • Ahhhh rum,... now you're talking
                        I've only recently discovered how awesome this sweet, sweet beverage is!!
                        Perfect when dark and spiced with ginger beer and a dash a lime!!

                        The thing about this proper scrumpy cider, the strong stuff doesn't just make you drunk it's almost drug like and can tweak your mind loool.
                        The current one our local has in is over 8% and cause it's still (not fizzy) it just tastes like a lush meaty apple juice. It's lethal :P

                        There's a restaurant near my work that sells pizza, pies and over 80 different types of cider. Amazing
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                        • Ah good. Everyone should discover how nice rum is.
                          Or absinth. That stuff is really nice too! Especially if you drink it pure.

                          Oeh that sounds very nice. Really should try it sometime. But as far as drunk goes.. Yeah I think I can manage XD And even if i will get drunk.. That works strange on me. From the low percentages I can get drunk but don't get a hangover. With the high percentages I hardly get any effects, like not being able to walk straight and such, however if I drink too much I will get a hangover. XD

                          But I'll keep that restaurant in mind for when I go to the UK again. Thanks! ^^


                          • Ugh, hate it when you know someone's bad for you but you can't say no to them because there's just something about them.


                            • Can't tell if I'm interested in someone or if it's just the fact they seem very interested in me that's making me think I am.


                              • Been with my partner for 2.5 years and we have a young son. We live with his daughter who is 13 nearly 14. We have had a lot of bad times but we are working through them! He has actually given me the courage to get all the piercings and tattoos that I have wanted for years and taught me to not care what people think of me